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Found 13 results

  1. Seeing all these "pieces of art a day" challenges intrigues me. I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and now I'm feeling up to the challenge. I will create a new piece of music every day for the entirety of a year. Knowing that I'm promising this to all of you, I'm sure I can do it, even with my college workload. DAY 1
  2. Personally I feel like Wilson is super hard to draw. That is is why I want do this lil' self-improvement challenge where I draw a Wilson sketch every single day for 100 days. That sounds pretty easy right? Well it won't be, because there are a few rules that I need to follow. 1. I cannot use eraser (or white paint) 2. I cannot undo 3. I can't delete layers 4. If I miss a day, I will have to start over I will be posting every single drawing on this thread, starting today. EDIT: Having completed the Wilson challenge, I decided to continue it with WX, and now Webber. Click here to be redirected to WX-78 #1 Click here to be redirected to Webber #1
  3. Hi, as a gamer of ONI I'll try posting a challenge. Goal of each sub challenge is a single mechanic, that will lead to the easy final boss challenge. Take your time for each sub part. if it takes a week or a month ... Note that the challenges can be done in any order. The challenges: Ventilation System (remove unwanted stuff, add oxygen, pump it all back to living quarters) Power Plant System (use any power style you think funny. Just keep it separate from everything else) Sleeping places + Recreation Room to de-stress (Home sweet home. Make it so! ) Water Collection + Filtration (toilets all over the place?? well, you now can only have 1 spot to clean up everything) Farming + Fertilizer (If you watch the plants long enough, you can see them grow) Kitchen + Mess Hall + Fridge / Cooled Room. (The plebs are missing one thing only, the sound of a decent kitchen bell) Final Boss. Append the above challenges while increasing your population to 100. Challenge rule: actual game play, but no one will deny it you if you enjoy designing systems within Tinker mode. Make sure to test it a couple of cycles to see that it functions as wanted. Have fun and do not forget ... Post your screen shots or link your live stream website / youtube vids in this thread. Cheers
  4. Smallest algae start i ever got . Attaching save file, in case someone want to try it out. p.s. This is Russian save file, so Dupes name are on Russian, but you can rename than to not be annoyed by Russian symbols UPD: Some cycles after for me spawned many hatches: Orbit_hatches_spawned.sav
  5. Welcome to here! Right here! Are you ready to accept my challenge? Okay then!!! (NO? WHY NOT? ) All you need to do is to power your fantasy and positive at maximum and continue the comic I am leaving here! I will be very happy to see how many people change DS Characters' fate! >:D You will need just to tell who will be after who, so there won't be any faults, errors and etc... And you need to draw the continuing part of comic, and there you go, we have many generations of art, humor and feelings. Maybe something else. You can make ANY situation you want! We really will be glad to see it here! Go ahead! Try it! You must draw the continue. I DOESN'T matter how long it could be. As about spoilers, I don't really want to know what the WILL be. I just want to SEE it. Get it? You can do anything, for your though, what the character will do next and what will happen next. Below I will tell who will be after who, okay? ovo Do you have any questions? :'D I SAID NOW!!! So, let's do this! :
  6. Hey everyone how are you doing today? I will be starting the challenge proposed to me by my stream viewers. I have been challenged to last 1,000 days on default plus mode without any touchstones. They allowed me to make the map size huge, nothing else will be changed.I would like everyone to vote for who i play in the challenge. the only restriction is Maxwell as i have yet to unlock him. i am going to post tomorrow when the stream is up and give about a 15 minute grace period for viewers of the stream to vote as well but i want to get the voting rolling here and now. so your choices are;WilsonWillowWolfgangWendyWicker bottomWx-78 (is that his name?)WesTop vote getter will be the one i play ! cant wait to start this challenge i will go for at least and i mean AT LEAST 6 hours of play tomorrow. hope to see you all there link for pole
  7. Hey, I just thought of a cool challenge! Winter Survival! The only thing you will be changing is Food, Climate, and Animals. The rest can be changed freely.Beginner: Default Food, Long Winter.Survivor: Low Food, Only Winter, Default Animals.Adventurer: Low Food, Only Winter, Low Animals.Insane: No Food, Only Winter, Low Animals.Try it! If you love my idea, recommend more challenges.
  8. Is there a way to save the map or re use it? I like when I'm given the option to choose to play it hard or make it easier. The spirit of the game might be yours, but how I want to play it, is mine
  9. Just a question. I was wondering if that's the average and what not, because that's how long I survived on my first character. I would have lived longer, but I didn't realize something was ACTUALLY coming when Wilson kept saying "Did you hear that?"
  10. Well, today I released a video on my Youtube channel ( and during the video I made a challenge. The challenge is shown during the video so check it out and if you want to participate in the challenge then do a video, send it to me as a video response and then I will list it! See who can survive the longest! Trust me, it is extremely hard! Watch me, have a crack at it first for the best chances. Hope to see some of you participating and see you on the other side!RegardsSirHughzus
  11. I don't really see the point in allowing the player to attack Chester. I will sometimes be trying to store tools inside Chester and accidentally wasting the durability of the tool and beating my pet. Is there any way that Klei can disable attacking Chester?
  12. FIRST OF ALL. HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. DO YOU THINK YOUR GAME IS TOO EASY? NO PROBLEM, LET'S MAKE IT A LITTLE BIT HARDER This mod changes these files: What does this MOD change? Well: [*] Less health [*] Larger stomach [*] More chances to go insane [*] More insanity effects range (Screen) [*] Monsters with more health [*] Wilson is a little bit weaker No pics, no clicks?
  13. i was thinking about having a little more variety in this game (when it comes to food) Having large game included in this game would be interesting to see (in my opinion) maybe something like a deer could be added to the game. Large game could result in more amounts of food, but would be much more difficult to acquire just an idea