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Goldfish911's Giga-Guide to Not reach the Grave in Vanilla Survival

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So, over the course of my playing Don't Starve, I started using the "Compromising Survival" mod to extend my time in the world.

Good thing I did that, because I started dying at an absurd rate of 3-5 times a week or more(don't starve time)

In other words, I sucked.

My world settings:

More boons, Long summer, starts in summer. Thus, I can never encounter Deerclops.


However, I did gather information. As some guy once said,

"Those who can, do; those who can't, teach"


So, let's move on to how NOT to die, plus some invaluable tips.

1) Learn to kite. If you can't kite, it will be hard gaining materials to tank everything.


2) Take advantage of basic farms to grow food early on without using valuable stone.


3) Put your beeboxes/flowers away from your base. The flowers are vulnerable to stuff like fire hounds killed by your bees or lureplants.


4) Hambat, Hambat, Hambat. Make a hambat ASAP, as this will guarantee your ability to survive. Try kiting spiders,after coaxing some away from their den in the daytime, or just aggroing some at dusk. This gives you A TON of silk , monster meat, and spider glands. The hambat kills a spider in 2 hits.


5) Get a birdcage before your first winter. This will be invaluable for converting cooked monster meat to something edible.


6) Always armor up when entering combat! Especially vs. Tallbirds. Their damage is ridiculous, and I kept dying to them because I fought with no armour.


7) Make one werepig at a time. This prevents being mobbed by two or losing loot when you kill one of the two.


8) If you ever enter the caves,  bring 6 taffy and some healing items to aid you on your journey. When the taffy runs out, head back to the surface to avoid insanity. Also, make sure you worm-proof your cave entrance(s) by finding and bringing lobsters, or else you will be done for.


9) Get to know your wormholes, so you know if fast travel somewhere is feasible.


10) The time for shaving beefalo in the summer is at night. Make sure you get there earlier, at dusk, as you can determine if any are in heat, as well as be there on time, as my nights usually were wasted by me setting out at night, only to reach my nearby-ish beefalo at daybreak.


11) Foods of wisdom: Pomegranate and eggplant. These both replenish 20 health when cooked, and are invaluable before you get other healing items.


12) crock pot foods: These aren't that hard, but are useful anyway.

Dragonpie:1 dragonfruit, 3 sticks

Bacon and eggs: 2 meat(one can be monster meat) and 2 eggs

Honey ham: 2 meat, 2 honey. If you replace one meat with honey ham, then you get honey nuggets.

Taffy: 4 honey. Try not to overeat.


13) Early on, dedicate all hound's tooth use to making tooth traps, otherwise you will get killed every hound wave. True story. If you have no full field yet, lure them to nearby beefalo or a nearby passive treeguard.


14) If a spider queen spawns, let her be and DO NOT aggro her. Unless you are prepared. But, she allows for the creation of spider nests, so...make your choice.


15) Farming a tier 3 spider nest is useful. Just use hambat+kiting skills to remove its habitants and destroy/replant it!


16) Savanna is the best biome for survival, because beefalo grass rabbits.


17)Build a large tree farm near your base, protected by a lightning rod. If a treeguard spawns, lead him away  from the farm, then pacify him. You now have a treeguard that can guard  you from hounds if one attacks him.


18) Murdering beardlings at <80 sanity is the best way to get beard hair, nightmare fuel, and monster meat. 3 full backpacks murdered gave me 12 nightmare fuel AND did not manage to summon Krampus(24 beardlings total)


19) Don't use the purple amulet. Unless you like getting mobbed by 5 hallucinations.


20) Don't  be all manly and tryto harvest four beeboxes, one after the other, in a row. If you have less than full health, you WILL die.


21) Only try to catch killer bees that are NOT aggroed on you, else you will be killed.


22) Practice luring rooks around to murder stuff. Don't just try and then fail...and die.


23) When using pigs to farm frogs or frogs to farm pigs, try to avoid the frog horde when it returns to the ponds, or else you are done.


24) Keep twigs, grass, and wood in your main inventory AT ALL TIMES. Or else, you will die if you don't get a fire/torch up by nightfall.


25) This is a bug that one should be wary of. If you die from freezing, you wake up at a touchstone freezing and die again. This is how I lost both my touchstones.


26) Don't forget about freeing in wintertime, especially when farming spiders, because a death will leave you stranded without warm clothes.


27) One lureplant bulb is marvelous fuel. Use it if you are short on wood/just need to get through a summer-ish night.


That's it for now, I'll add to this when I gather more data.

Have fun surviving!







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Generally good but ...


1) You can also learn to RUN. That is, run the attackers into other mobs who will kill them for you. Pigs, beefalo, bees, frogs, merms, tentacles, and treeguards make excellent allies. Later on/caves you can do Rock Lobsters and bunnymen. I almost never directly attack anything.  A key skill you also can learn is how to run just well enough to never get hit, yet they don't de-aggro you, so that you can lure them to ...


1a) Traps - those rabbit traps work on spiders too, and tooth traps on most everything above ground, bee mines too. Combo this with running well, and "combat" is just a process of luring whatever it is back to your trap zone. I "hunt" koalafants this way.


14) spider queens in swamps = free tentacle spikes/spots, spider hats, silk and glands!  Never take the nest all the way down if you find one, and if you get a nest to plant, get at least one into a swap near a tentacle. Spiders near pigs only get you silk/glands. Tentacles can take out queens as they lumber around in the swamp looking for a spot to settle. Later on in caves, put spiders near bunny villages. 


24) Make a miner hat - agreed with your fire need early on, but this hat is not that hard to make, all you need is a bug net to catch a firefly. Even if you're many days from being ready to venture into a cave, one hat gives you time to get stuff to make a fire. Once I have one of these, I put my twigs grass and logs into my backpack, saving person spots other stuff.

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Keep  a spare backpack near touchstone with needed stuff (stuff for fire, maybe a weapon, armour and sanity hat) so you can grab and go! icebox and chest too if you wish


butter muffins are good health too. aggro the butterfly, then run as close as you can and auto hit it. you can use any mushroom as veg in a pinch


place berries on the floor to lure a gobbler then kill it by attacking just before it eats the berries, good food early on


you can trap frogs by making them aggro you and then leading them to a trap. you can also trap spiders

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