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  1. Looking for something to put your survival skills to the test, rather than just your building talents or boss memorizations? Maybe you've finished exploring all of the added content? Maybe you're playing alone and want to push your own limits, or else you want to see who's the best survivalist of a group? If any of this sounds familiar, here's the game mode for you! To begin, you'll need to configure (Host) a new world with the following settings (tl;dr: most settings set to Less): Mods required (and their configs): Optional (flavor) mods; use at your discretion: Brutal Mode Does this still seem too soft? The following settings tweak will force you to plunge into the deep dark earth to fight cave spiders for your silk. No cheap and easy spider nest grinding to your heart's content. Note: Webber may negate this; recommend avoiding him, or else just his spider nests. If you have any mod or settings suggestions, please post them.
  2. Finding tropical paradisaical living to be a boring drag? Want to attempt surviving as one would expect to from a real shipwreck? Well, get out your volley ball pals, it's time for the Cast Away challenge! Rules are simple: No boats. That includes surf boards. No Woodie, Wilba, Webber, Wormwood, or Wheeler. Woodie's and Wilba's curses negate the flint restriction, and Lucy makes that even worse. Webber's free spider eggs and monster meat tolerance solve any food shortage problem (also silk). Wormwood has unlimited crops. Wheeler's Air Horn makes morsels too easily obtainable. The only world settings you should modify are Rocks: More, Butterflies: None, Spiders: None. The added rocks should give you some starter gold and more flint, so you should be able to tech up. Butterflies and spiders are practically unlimited food. If you get a really bad starter island, you may retry. I'd recommend sticking it out, and see if your ingenuity can compensate, regardless. You must survive a full year cycle at least. If you want, you can shorten the season lengths, to make this less of a battle of attrition. Try to avoid game breaking cheese strats. Does this seem too hard? Try playing as Wilbur. Does this seem too easy? Consider a strategy change:
  3. So I previously made a topic before but I recently revamped my server an changed a lot of the rules so I'm going to advertise my server again, ver 2.0 if you will This is a cooperative survival server, with vanilla world settings and some mods. Server Name: DST US East, DST US East 2 and DST US East 3 Discord: Server Leader: Shampoo My Ass Hair World Settings: All Default Region: US east(Virginia) Caves: Enabled Sever Type: Dedicated Server Live times: 24/7 but password locked during "offtimes". Will be open during host activity(usually after 4-5 PM EST) Server will be password protected when host is not online ~(10:00 AM EST-5:00 PM EST). When the host or a server leader is online, the server will be open to allow more players to join and be recruited into the server as the host can carefully monitor the server for greifers and other game ruiners. Server will be backed up at the end of each day and posted on the discord for public use. Password is in Discord, available only to rank 2+ players(see below) The server will not be password protected on the first day of a fresh world reset. Mods Global Positions Show Me Health Info Why should you join? Active admin who moderates the server closely Daily backups to promote long term progress, heavy greif resistance Organized and structured discord Semi-open nature allows for a good revolving door effect decent players to play without requiring committing to a close knit group Rules 1. Don't be toxic 2. Griefing will result in ban with password change 3. Please before you leave, drop high value items. This includes ancient gear, bundling wraps, boss items, etc. You can keep things like walking canes or winter clothing. 4. Don't be a slacker, pick a project and work on it 5. Will not rollback for misplays or bad RNG. If we **** up, own it. 6. Do not intentionally reset the server by dying. I will be backing up saves anyway but it's annoying and doing it maliciously=ban 7. Must be at least 16+ years old to join Discord Rank There are 3 Discord ranks, Starving Players(rank 1), Experienced players(rank 2), and Expert Players/Server Leads(Rank 3). These Ranks are given based on server lead’s(aka me) discretion. Rank 3 players are eligible for in game admin status and are players who are able to lead the server goals. Rank 2 players are regulars, good players that have access to the server password during off hours. Rank 1 players are either new to the server and unvetted or beginner players. Rank 1 players are locked out during offhours when playing alone in order to not ruin other player progress unintentionally or prevent outright griefing. If a rank 1 player wants access to the server during off hours he can ping a rank 2 or 3 player on the discord and play together by sharing the password(which will change daily) Notes Why use mod [x]? Global positions is for better for enabling social play for randoms which DST is really not built for as you can see with public servers. GP is good for a semi-open server like this one, with players whom don’t know each other very well can communicate efficiently and relay ideas better. 99% of the use is for map pinging which is a great in-game communication tool. Players who do not want to be revealed can opt-out in-game via scoreboard, making it a flexible mod for those that want to use it and those that don’t. And before you say, the compass is ass and nobody uses it with or without gp. Cart table is actually still useful since new players need the map revealed, just like they would without GP. Show me is a pen and paper mod that reveals hidden info that is easily available on any wiki, and is great for bundling wraps. OwnerShip is used for server regulars. In order to allow for growth in the server, the server is open when the host or an admin is online, allowing new people to join and possibly enjoy their stay on the server. However this opens either intentional or unintentional stealing of valuable items. To solve this, certain portions of the hosts chests are locked for rank 1 players to disallow new players from taking rare or valuable items and leaving the server or mismanaging them without telling the rank 2+ player. This also allows regulars to protect their clothing and materials they need to work on certain building projects. If someone attempts to grief with this mod by taking items and locking them in their chests, the admins can override any locked chests. You back up the files, does this mean that the server never resets but just rolls back to a previous save file? No, the previous saves are for 1)A perk that allows anyone in the discord server to use the save files for their own games if they like the world when the server does reset and 2) More importantly to combat griefing in case somebody malicious finds out the password. When multiple people get wiped(rule of thumb is 2+ players), or the server players vote on it (This is generally after most of the server goals are complete) the server will reset to day 1. Wait so if only one player dies does the server not reset? I have not created a solid rule for this yet but as of right now if a solo experienced player joins the server and dies I will most likely back up to the previous save, as this can ruin a dozen people work and progress and is borderline griefing even though it may be unintentional. The punishment for dying solo in the world can result in demotion and that player being unable to access the server by himself. This can change in the future. Can I be an admin? The base requirement for an admin is being ranked 3 which includes having good knowledge of the game. It also requires being 21+ and to have show a certain temperament that I believe you will be very reserved in using admin commands and properly moderate the server and be fair to all players. If I am a rank 1 player, how do I get to rank 2? If you are helpful on the server and are shown not be a griefer then you can rather quickly become a rank 2 player. The barrier is not high, it is merely a safe guard for those looking to join only to grief. If you play for 2+ in-game days and can be trusted you will be promoted. Can I play solo and make my own base? Yes, as long as you do not grief you can play however you like, keep in mind though if you are not cooperative with other players they will not share resources with you and stealing resources from another's base is a kick, or possibly ban. Remember that this is not a PvP server.
  4. Hello, I'm still new to the game and after a few abandoned attempts I'm trying to win in earnest now. I have not researched too much on the internet, just trying to find out a lot of things by playing and then reading up on them after the fact most of the time. But so far so good. The game is a keeper definitely, high replayability even after a long pause from it, so I'm doing a video journal for myself and anyone else who is interested. Keeping the videos short, 10 mins or below where I'm explaining the current things I do not to get my crew killed. Would be great if someone else did a similar thing, maybe even with the same world seed so we could compare each other's bases. Thanks for reading, bought a few Klei games this one's my favorite by far, even though Invisible inc. is a close second This is how far I am right now, As I said I hope someone else does a similar thing and we can compare notes:
  5. After talking with someone and thinking about it, I decided I want to revamp this RP. Basically it's an apocalyptic world plagued by monsters (not zombies. They're far from undead and more horrific). You can read more about it here. I don't want to bring my 2016 drawings and old written RP intro into this thread ^^; So same concept as the the old but with a few changes: From now on, there will be a three days grace between monster attacks (times may vary depending on location), monsters will now vary in sizes, difficulty and times of day when they come out/hunt. There will be an inventory of what everyone has that I will keep updated (there was an inventory in the older thread but there wasn't a lot to it). Also an in-game day/time of day will be about 5 days in real time (so 2 days for daytime, 2 for night time and one day for evening. I hope this is enough time for everyone to reply). If anyone has ideas or want to become a DM of this RP feel free to let me know, reply here or PM me. Rules: No NSFW stuff No OP characters (more on that below) No harassment No bad language. Censored words are fine. If you do not follow the rules and standard forum guildlines, you will get 2 warnings before your character gets killed and no longer allow to RP here. If you no longer want to RP, please tell me. It's not fair on everyone else if you join and slow things down later on in time. Time will not stop if no one is replying. Application sheet (anything is allowed but if it's non-human, I want an explanation of the character and how it's different from other monsters we'll encounter): OP characters won't be accepted (such as a sparkly unicorns who can poof the creatures out of existence or a simple man with super strength, speed, and healing that can take down giants with a single punch). It's gotta be atleast somewhat realistic or not too powerful or else players will loose interest. If you have any other issues, please comment or PM me. --- Accepted: @Master Jand
  6. A new harsh world

    After much debating I decided to try out and make a role play.( I'll admit I've never done one with other people but since I'm going way out of my comfort zone trying new things here I thought why not?) In the spoiler is the story I've written to give you a background for this but if you don't want to read it skip it to the what's new to see what's changed in the don't starve universe. What's changed: -Pigmen/catcoons are more paranoid and sometimes attack you without cause. -The monster spawns (ex:killer bee hive, hound mound, tentacles) don't have to be in their biome (much like when you set it to more). -Treegaurds can be more abundant or not (a chance at luck and sometimes spawn naturally in the world). -full moons can happen more often and aren't a set path. This means there can be random werepigs encounters. -less resources, while this doesn't mean little there just isn't as much. -Theres a dawn now to wake up all your bright bruised faces! -Winter begins to freeze things taking longer to get items. -There now rivers for water but plants float in them that when touched poison you and saps your energy away slowly (there is a cure of 2 flower petal + 2 butterfly wings + cactus fruit). -Autumn has a small chance when in midday to catch things on fire like summer. -hail can happen an pelt not only survivors but damage structures we make (they can be repairs easily with something from their recipe ex: science machine repaired with wood) (Not to bad right?) Rules: -no god mode (I think everyone says this at some point) -one character each and you get 1 more life if you die( ex player come in >dies>revives in a random place>in morgue) -when your character dies you can choice to revive or not and if yes will be place somewhere random with no memory prior if you want to put him/her in the morgue you can then make another character to give a new take on the story and be place in once accepted. -if you want you can have a pet be with you but be warned pets only have on life so even if you revive they won't! -Why yes you can be one of the original cast! But there can only be one of each character ( I will make a list and say who's who if someone wants to become one and also If you feel like if one wilson is in the morgue someone else can become a 'different' Wilson please say so if not I'll leave it to once their dead they stay dead) - You must ask permission to kill or badly injure another character, sometimes people like to survive for a while (who would have guessed?) But I'm not opposed to small fights like so and so slapped player just don't get keep doing it without the persons permission! (If you think there should be more rules then list them and I'll see if I can put them in) In this spoiler is the character sheet that you can fill out Morgue: Now I always see role play thread die and this makes me sad so I though that if someone doesn't reply to x amount of time( I'm up for ideas on how long) that there character will become ghost like and in a transfixed state. This means they can't die but also cant be interacted with so if theres two people and one gets 'cursed' the other can react but realize theres nothing they can do and leave them to die horrible go on with the story. Also if you want to end the story at a certain point for your character or just want to switch as you forgot/get bored with the one you have you can commit suicide(ex player committed suicide so you don't have to get detailed if you don't want to) so that way you can either stop or move onto the next character if you so choice. Of course you can instead have your character die to the environment if you so choice to. And now I congratulate you on actually reading this -throws confetti- but also I want to say that even if your unsure on this whole role playing but have an interest why not start here? You can come in and leave when you want so theres no worry! Also I'm not strict on how long your comment are since I know some may feel pressured when theres a strict you have to do this. So come in and let's have some fun in this don't starve world!
  7. We Remain

    We Remain Players: Inventory (things will be added to this as time goes on): More info can be found here. Now on with the RP! --- Three months later… A lot has changed since then. Everywhere we go seems devoid of life, even of animals and monsters. I assumed the monsters where hiding, waiting for their prey to come close enough for an easy kill. I wish my theory hadn’t been true. One time I was looking for supplies in a random township when out of nowhere came a giant crocodile that looked like it was made from rocks and earth. Sunrider jumped back and set a jet of flame to his face as an instant reaction. It left it stunned while Sunrider and I ran. Sunrider was pretty riled up afterwards but it didn’t take long for me to calm him. Our trustbond is really strong now. We instantly connected after our first encounter but it really started to grow when I first rode him. Of course it was really daunting at first but it was a necessary means of travel and survival. Also, it was better than being carried around in his mouth or talons. Now we practically live in the sky (with periodic breaks and rests that is. Sunrider is still a physical being afterall). I guess that brings us up to the present. (Sorry for the lack of people in the picture, I drew this before the majority of people signed up :/ ) We were flying over a forest area one day and I happened to have noticed some figures down below. They didn’t look like monsters. Atleast… not all of them. My eyes went wide as I realized what that meant: Survivors. “Sun! Down there!” I pointed and Sunrider turned and glided towards them. I heard someone shouting from the group as I glided overhead. Perhaps they haven’t had many friendly monster encounters. We circled back and landed a little ways infront of them. Judging by the looks on their faces, they weren’t expecting to see someone like me riding on a back of a monster. “Uh…" I jumped off Sunrider and shyly waved. “... hi?”
  8. Paragon: The Summons

    Paragon: The Summons The World: World Information: Rules: 1. Read “Tips to Being A Good Roleplayer (Not a Roleplay!) By F3RR1S. It covers almost all the basics you need to know before joining a roleplay. 2. No strict rules regarding what your character does. Cursing allowed, whatever. 3. If you’re altering the world in some way, say what you’re doing and then I will say what happens or if it succeeded or not. (Ex: killing something, if you see something or not, if you hit something or not, etc.) 4. Don’t make overpowered characters. One character per person unless they have a pet or something. I don’t want a whole party of dragons flying around. Human-like characters are better for this world. Edgy brooding characters are not fun to play with. 5. Message me before posting your character so I can look over it first. Your character cannot have lived in the world before unless you are joining in later. Character Creation: Characters: @Dannyrulx: The Twins, Rome and Rema
  9. Anybody know a rock on strategy to survive with these two? I can do my own way but they change things up a bit since one is a monster and the other is a straight up carnivore. I am new to ROG and need more experience but help is appreciated.
  10. Don't Starve multiplayer roleplay?

    I haven't been able to figure out where to post this topic because it deals with two things: one being multiplayer (Yess!) and another being role-play (Yesss!) So my question to you is, what do you think of this idea. Multiplayer-role-play-servers in Don't Starve? Would it be to hectic and take away from the story arch? Would everyone be so focused on survival that it would harm the role-play aspect of things? I personally think that role-playing in multiplayer would be amazing for so many reasons. 1] Having the ability to visually perceive each character. Most times in a role-play I forget who is what character. If I can see which role-player is Willow and which is Wilson, than it is easier to act on. I don't need to break the feel and say "Hold on, who are you again?" 2] The exploration aspect. Being able to explore the world as a group is very beneficial to the story arch. If someone sees a cave, or a monster, or whatever, than they can thicken the plot with it. When a story is done solely through text, it can often times get confusing and convoluted. 3] The feeling of unity. When I role-play, I like to feel like everyone is participating and adding to the story. In multiplayer, everyone could have jobs and that alone would add to the story. Wilson could say "Willow, go get fire wood, Wolfgang, go collect food, Wes, go get flint." And everyone would work together as a team to achieve the same goal, to survive. 4] Sharing beard hair. I would just adore being able to make greasy beard sweaters for all my buddies. Webber could make everyone gross silky hats. So, what's your take on this? Would you keep role-playing in the forum, or will you brave the treacherous wilderness and wear a sticky beard sweater?
  11. Here's an idea that I have. One player (Or multiple) plays as the survivor. They'd do what you expect them to, collect, build, avoid starving, etc. However, my idea is that there could be a mode in which there is a game-master point of view. He gets to generate obstacles and benefits for the survivor. His goal would be to kill the survivor(s). I can hear some of you going: "Then just spawn thirty deerclopses and kill all teh wilsons, dumdum.". Obviously, there would need to be some balancing. So, my idea is that everything negative has a cost of points. These points are generated by giving good things to the survivor. Want to send five hounds at the survivor(s)? That will cost ten points. In order to get these points, you need to do something like grow ten carrots for the survivor(s). Of course, they shouldn't be called something as generic as "points", but you get the idea. Feedback, be it good or bad, is welcome.
  12. Episode 7 Bender's Top Hat = http://youtube] Episode 5 How to Spend 70 Million = Episode 3 Beefalo Herding = Epidsode 2 Mod Crashing = Episode 1 Hangin' Out = Live Stream Highlights = Sorry there is no game audio. This is my first time doing a Live Stream. Don't Starve Introduction Video = Brand new season of Don't Starve. This season we play as Bender, and the theme is going to be survival. How many days can I survive?? Place your bets in the comments Intro & Outro: You can also follow me @: Google +: Facebook: Thank you everyone, and have a fantastic, AWESOME day!
  13. Just got bored and decide to post a video about my survival......
  14. As a kid i have always wanted to do something to do with games. Well here is my chance. This video has already had a very posotive feedback. So please check it out!
  15. A new series arises - Don't Starve! Join me in this wacky world of survival and death where I must try my best so I DON'T STARVE! This is the first part of many and this includes me; looking around the world, coming across pigs and other DISTURBING THINGS, beefalos, wormholes! (This is not in order )I hope you enjoy the first part of many to come and I hope you stick around!Thanks for reading!Video:
  16. New amazing music from TeknoAXE.Check out the YouTube page for full description of tracks.
  17. New Don't Starve Series!!

    Just letting you guys know episode number two is up and in HD! Feel free to check it out: Hope you guys enjoy!
  18. Hey, I just thought of a cool challenge! Winter Survival! The only thing you will be changing is Food, Climate, and Animals. The rest can be changed freely.Beginner: Default Food, Long Winter.Survivor: Low Food, Only Winter, Default Animals.Adventurer: Low Food, Only Winter, Low Animals.Insane: No Food, Only Winter, Low Animals.Try it! If you love my idea, recommend more challenges.
  19. Hey everyone!I just wanted to let you know that I plan to start recording episodes for season 3 shortly!I've taken a break from Don't Starve because I was starting to become repetitive in my videos and I wanted to come back to it fresh. And I think I am nearly ready! So I hope you guys will enjoy season 3!Thanks!Dath~
  20. 'Ello peeps, my name is Jonathan, though i'm known on the internet as Staki. I began to make a Don't Starve series on YouTube a while back, but I have recently begun to continue it (In higher quality ). I am going to be making Don't Starve videos for awhile into the future (other games as well). You can expect a video from me about once or twice a day, if I miss a day I usually upload two the next day to make up for it.I am trying to produce high quality content and if you could watch and comment on how to produce better videos it would be extremely appreciated.Here's the first video of my continuation: http-~~-// And this is the playlist for the series if you wish to continue watching my lets play:
  21. Hungarian translation

    We will have polish translation very soon. It would be great to have it included "officially" so it will work on xbox too.
  22. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I am SirHughzus! I want to show you my latest video on the game "Don't Starve", this is where I attempt to survive but encounter some wacky things like as the title states; Treeguards, Beefalos, HORRORS! I roam islands trying to find a perfect place to survive the weird world of Don't Starve! This is an ongoing series and I am aim to show you the best I can on Don't Starve and also this video includes the update "Insanity" which includes, new monsters, new characters and also a new HUD addition! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it! Youtube video; Regards SirHughzus (Kieran)
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number 72953 Issue title No mystery Cigar guy Steps to reproduce start new game without clicking anything Describe your issue start a new sand box game and wait for it to load. when it loads it will have the sound for bees even though there are none around, and the cigar guy does not appear and Wilson is already on his feet
  24. I find this game difficult for me . I've had the game for three days and played and died 10 times. It's hard to keep your sanity and hunger bar up at the same time. Longest I survived was 11 days, iv'e seen some playthroughs and it seemed like they didn't have a problem surviving 50 days. Can anyone give me tips or feedback, just something that would help me survive longer because I really want to unlock the guy that gets 200 health and 15 damage or something like that xp .I'm level 2 so far by the way.