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Too easy / too hard?

Too easy? Too hard? Just right? Or a mix of all of the above?  

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  1. 1. Too easy? Too hard? Just right? Or a mix of all of the above?

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    • Just right?
    • A weird mix of all of the above?

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The game as it stands right now is at a very strange place to me and I will try and explain why.

Certain parts of this game are far too easy - (See images below)

Food gathering - There are so many rabbits that its impossible to struggle to get food for a start.

Collecting basic resources - Everything expect for stone is easy to stockpile in massive quantities.

Getting gold - Trading meat for gold with the pig king is a good idea, but it should be capped!

Resurrection items - This is kind of a weird thing to me, if you make mistakes you should have some kind of negative effect from it, just being able to re-spawn in a survival game is counter intuitive to me.

Research / upgrade points - I think they are far too easy to get, I cleared all my research and have almost 4k of them banked from depositing all of my stuff before I killed myself.

Other parts of the game are much harder -

Combat with monsters with out armour and a good weapon - The difference between using armour and not using armour is massive.

Gathering stone - Maybe I have been unlucky but on 3 maps I have never had enough stone to manage to build the fabled 6 turbo farm plots + crock pot and the other things that require stone at the same time, the last map I played on only had 9 mine-able rocks scattered around on all the islands.

The agro range of monsters - It seams a little large to me, at night I encountered a wondering spider and I made sure I did not camp too close to a nest, I killed it but then a hoard of angry spiders appeared from no where forcing me to retreat into the night. This is also the same thing for the buffalo, while killing one separated from the heard by at least 4 screens it managed to attract the attention of 12 more which.

I know changes are coming - I just want to know if people agree with me or not and to hear your opinions based on the version that we had up till now :D


Is collecting food and supplies too easy for you?


Is collecting gold too easy for you?

TL/DR - Is the game too easy for you? Too hard for you? Or do you like it the way it stands now? Or do you agree with me and think it is a mixture of both?

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Welcome to the forums!

The game as it stands is a little easy early on, could use a tiny nerf here and there to rabbits or to hunger in general. Later on the content is lacking since its just beta and more will be added in the future. Hard to say anything about that.

As for rocks, are u sure u explored everything? 9 minable rocks is like nothing. Id be surprised if i ever had a map with less than 50 minable rocks, and in my current map i have 2 islands that consist entirely out of minable rocks, 100+ total.

As for amulets, i think its fine, u resurrect on top of the enemy that killed u and im pretty sure u dropped all ur stuff so thats not that great. Effigies are overpowered as is, hope to see some tweaks in the future. I think it would be a good idea to allow only 1 effigy to be build at a time and after using ur effigy, it should have a 10 day cooldown b4 u can build another one. Something in that direction.


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Thanks for the welcome :D

I know this is just the beta! (Stated that in my post too lol)

I just want to get a feel for what other people feel on this subject based on the currant version we have out of interest :D

I want to know if things that I find hard others find easy and vise-versa and why! Maybe I could learn a few tricks and tips and some could also be passed on by sharing our views on the game as it stands!

I agree with you on the Effigies, they seam incredibly over powered to me! But as you said, the game is in beta and I am expecting to see a lot of changes, especially in January!

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Well combat in this game is generally very easy. Each and every enemy can be killed without getting hit. I dont necessarily mind that, but kiting should be a little harder against the stronger enemies than it is currently. In january the RP system is gonna get removed entirely, and every new game or new map starts u out with no tech other than the starting stuff. I think that is a great change. I want to know how hard hounds are when u dont have armor OR a spear when they first attack.

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I feel that the standard parts of the game are a tad easy. I have literally never had the slightest issues with food. Nor have I had issues getting bees or spiders or anything like that.

However, every time I have died it was to random encounters. I died once because I F'd up and ran out of grass while exploring for the first time. I hugged a pig house for light, and I was going to make it! Then hounds attacked >.>

On a separate time, I hot attacked by hounds while exploring the same area, I took them out without much trouble. Then I misclicked while running through the swamp and instantly died to a tentacle. >.>

The last time I died, I was chopping a tree when a tree monster thing came. I couldn't run because it was dark, I ran to the edge of my camp and tried to make a torch, but it killed me in one hit while I did. (I took one hit prior the instant it attacked)

So, yeah I have had zero trouble with food or normal enemies, but random occurrences like hounds or trees coming at night, or the tentacles have given me a massive headache.

I like things being hard in games, and the food and fire aspect isn't hard at all. The hounds and a few other things are, but sometimes in an unfair way which just gets frustrating.

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Yeah those tentacles are ruthless.

I die a lot fiddling around in the dark, with a full inventory, and suddenly I realize oh yeah I used my last twig to make a gold axe... whoops.

Survived many-a-night running from fireflies to fireflies XD

To respond to your question, I agree with the early game being too easy. Basically you can pretty easily get 1-2 beehives up by the end of the second day, have infinite honey and never die except in BS-ey ways ("Oh my armour and helmet broke? When did that happen... stupid tentacle") but maybe that is what Klei are going for. A project zomboid-esque 'never let your guard down' kind of difficulty. Will have to see as the beta pans out.

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I agree the game seems easy but again, remember the game is barely complete for what we get to play, the devs plan on making the game tough, inevitably you'll be able to find an exploit but that's why they have us all playing beta so they can see things and tweak them as they finish it all up, check the roadmap http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?2832-Don-t-Starve-Roadmap and you'll see they want it to be difficult just haven't implemented it all yet so in due time it should get much harder

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Completely agree about the resources and food being far too easy to find and stockpile at the moment. Actually put up a very lengthy post about this in the suggestions forum, but in summary i'd love to see resources be far less plentiful than they are right now. There is really no threat of starvation even as a first-time player with no experience with the game which is a shame.

On the topic of combat being too easy, I believe this will change as more mid and late game content is added in such as the possible spider queen. I also agree with monster aggression seeming a bit odd, with the very long aggro range and some creatures seeming to chase you forever without ever giving up (once ran from a tallbird for an entire day, dusk and night without it giving up). This is particularly annoying with non-respawning creatures like the tallbirds as it seems killing them is required to steal an egg...

Looking forward to more challenges being added as new content comes in, but would definately like the early-game survival to be significantly harder.

**edit - http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?3781-Some-ideas-and-general-concepts-for-a-more-dynamic-and-exciting-world! for anyone who wants to read :)

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Yeah, atm you can hit infinite sustain with just some farms and a fireplace. Just spend the day getting seeds and grass and occasionally some manure. Once in a blue moon, you might need some flint to harvest resources solely to fight off the hounds.

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I feel there needs to be challenging mobs in a new way to get the game out of its easy state. Currently you can defeat all monsters without taking any damage with proper timing and kiting. This becomes somewhat harder with groups of monsters, but still doable. Maybe a ranged creature of some sort could fix this.

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I think it is both too easy and too hard at the same time. If you start a fresh game without anything unlocked you will currently have a semi challenging time. Some early resources have been nerfed and there are dangers like hounds that can appear at anytime, even very early on. It will take a fair amount of time to have resources like farms unlocked for a steady source of food, so you will need to scavenge a lot in the early game.

The mid game is currently far too easy, but that is because it is still hardly implemented. Once you have a solid base and can built things like farms and beeboxes, you are fine. There is still the danger of hounds and fire hounds appearing, but with your unlocked weapons and armour they should be doable. Still though, I expect this to change with new content appearing.

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