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  1. Meteor suggestion.

    Realistically when a meteor actually hits earth it is very devastating and can cause mass extinction plus this feels like rocks randomly popping up and could destroy important things. I like the idea of a hostile lava/volcano biome much better that could spew up lava, rocks, and such occasionally. A volcano biome would be more dangerous than even a swamp.
  2. Throw able Spear

    The spear could also have a good chance of breaking when you throw it. Or use up a lot of durability.
  3. A sword

    Yeah, a sword isn't much of a survival weapon. And you sorta need a metal ore like iron to make it. If they make more weapons they'd need to be unique in some way though. A defensive item like a wooden shield maybe.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform Chrome Version Number 70528 Issue title Tallbird walking animation Steps to reproduce 1) Get a tall bird to chase you 2) Unknown Describe your issue Sometimes when tallbirds are chasing you, they're walking animations will stop but they will still chase you. So it looks like a standing still tallbird sliding toward you. I do not know what causes this, but I've noticed it happening several times. The tallbirds animation will return to normal if it gets an attack off.
  5. [Exploit] Grave Digging EXPLOIT

    This is not a bug. How could you even think this is a bug? If you think it's too easy, then you can put that in the suggestions sections of the form.
  6. The Beard

    If the beard can catch on fire it should not from the campfire. You will burn if you get close to something burning like a tree on fire. But you will not burn if you walk over the campfire. This mechanic should stay if beard burning became a thing. Taking fire damage from something on fire would burn the beard, but your own campfire should never burn your beard.
  7. Signs would be cool. They would be similar to signs from Minecraft. You place them, write on them, and it's cool. Recipe could be a stick and a board. You could mark what's in each chest. Could place indicators. Whatever.
  8. Just some questions on rabbit holes, What happens with the rabbits after you dig their hole? Will they make a new hole? If so, how does this work? Just wondering for a way to herd rabbit holes into a rabbit area for farming them.
  9. Killer bee / Bee

    So once you have killer bees is there anything you can do with them? Will they attack anything near them like pigs and spiders? Can they return to normal after releasing?
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Chrome Version Number 70528 Issue title Gobbler drops go into the ocean Steps to reproduce Chase and trap Gobbler on a corner on the edge of a circle island. Kill the Gobbler Describe your issue Idk if this bug has already been reported but, so when picking berries on a bush gobblers sometimes pop out. They can outrun you but one way to catch them is by chasing them to the edge of the island. Sometimes when killing them on this edge their drops go into the ocean becoming irretrievable.
  11. Too easy / too hard?

    I feel there needs to be challenging mobs in a new way to get the game out of its easy state. Currently you can defeat all monsters without taking any damage with proper timing and kiting. This becomes somewhat harder with groups of monsters, but still doable. Maybe a ranged creature of some sort could fix this.
  12. So after you pick a berry bush, it still shows on the map as if there are still berries in it since that is the image by default. I would like it if after picking the berries off a bush the icon for that bush on the map no longer had berries on it so you could keep track of the bushes. Just a small suggestion.
  13. How do you manage to get all those seeds? Or does it just take a while.
  14. Just want to check..

    YouTube Lets Plays are the best advertisement for a game. Just look at Minecraft.
  15. It's a little ridiculous, you are forced to confront the tallbird or run forever just from getting near him if you don't have a pan flute, and you might really not want to if killing him will make the nest extinct.