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Containing Bees?

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lol, Bee Puns.



Why would you want to contain them if you made a Bee Farm? They have to be free, or at least I believe so, to create honey.



But if you're desperate, just stuff them inside of Chester.

I mean Contain them in an Area, Like this
It seems the Bees have an increased wandering range than in earliyer version. Keeping them confined with a patch of flowers = Safer, Quicker Honey production. And Spring Bees can be a real Pain if they are close to your Camp.

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As it said in that guide: "remove all nearby flowers outside of the wall to prevent the bees from wandering"


Put plenty of flowers near the bee box and pick flowers outside the area where you want them. That will reduce the chance that a bee will wander out of the area you want for them and it will instead get distracted by a flower in the right place.

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From what I can tell, at least in the non-DLC game, bees will stay within level 2 walls as long as there is an unpollinated flower in there somewhere for them to target. Once they have landed on 6 flowers, they stop giving a crap about your walls and will go plant a flower wherever they want.

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