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  1. Ya, Assuming its one of the Powers granted by the Throne, it is safe to assume that others trapped can do the same.
  2. Not Necessarily. Remember, Maxwell was able to "Move" relatively freely, even when "Trapped" in the Nightmare Throne.
  3. That's what I am hoping for. Bug and Balancing is always nice, but a few new toys to play around with would be awesome as well. Best Avatar Ever lol.
  4. So the next update's two days off, normally there is some info out by now. Anyone find anything?
  5. The Fireling is a Pain the butt to keep Lit, It just constently moves around.
  6. Does not work with "A Moderately Friendly Update".
  7. Does not work with "A Moderatly Friendly Update".
  8. If you have a Walking Cane, and run as soon as you gather, they disengage almost instantly, makes for really quick gathering.
  9. Very nice, Congrats on making it so far! ^_^ Hope you give it a shot later. Good luck!
  10. Looking good, >_< seems your strategy consists of "Burn everything to the ground", ROFL.