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  1. The Way(Aka Praecantor 2)Speculations

    Ya, Assuming its one of the Powers granted by the Throne, it is safe to assume that others trapped can do the same.
  2. The Way(Aka Praecantor 2)Speculations

    Not Necessarily. Remember, Maxwell was able to "Move" relatively freely, even when "Trapped" in the Nightmare Throne.
  3. Next Update?

    That's what I am hoping for. Bug and Balancing is always nice, but a few new toys to play around with would be awesome as well. Best Avatar Ever lol.
  4. Next Update?

    So the next update's two days off, normally there is some info out by now. Anyone find anything?
  5. Summons

    The Fireling is a Pain the butt to keep Lit, It just constently moves around.
  6. BiggerContainers

    Does not work with "A Moderately Friendly Update".
  7. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Does not work with "A Moderatly Friendly Update".
  8. A little help for new players

    Awwww, no one wants to help?
  9. A little help for new players

    Now that It's hit 1000 views, I'm thinking of adding "Alternative" Days to the guide as well, I.E. things to do to other than whats listed. Anyone have any suggestions? Just pick 2-3 days and write something up and I'll take a look at it. Just make sure of two things;1) it make good use of Time in that first 7 days (the whole point of the guide)2) It fits well and is not so disjointed that it causes wasted time (chase two rabbits, catch neither, as it where).
  10. A little help for new players

    Thanks for all the support guys, with close to 1000 view so far, it looks like the guide is a success, hope it helps!
  11. A little help for new players

    Nope, I've had a lot of problems with Reddit for some reason, never could get the site to work. If you want to post it, go right ahead, it's all about helpin people out.
  12. A little help for new players

    I was thinking of sticking it in Day three, but after some thought, I decided to recommend day 5 for 1 major reason. The guide is about time management. Every flower you pick is one less item of another you don't. It gives more Sanity than you'll loose under normal situations, couple this with the fact that it rots even when not worn means that if you make it before need it, you end up "wasteing" part of it's effect than needed.Again though, this is all about time management, making the best of what you have. In the end, it really is up to the person and what they want to do (I'm with you by the way, I personally usually make them on the go, at least on normal runs).
  13. A little help for new players

    Thanks for the comments people, Hope it helps somebody out!