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Lock a character

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Hey guys! =)


I unlocked webber with a cheat (I gave me his skull and didn't killed spiders to get it). Now I'm feeling me bad and want to lock him again... I searched for any way to do this in the folder of Don't Starve in Steam-folder but I didn't find anything ._. I hope anyone can help me :-)


Sorry for wrong english ;)



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Is it free to re-download it? :o


It should be


I actually did that on the Steam version for no reason.

All my save files, all my mods, all my characters unlocked, were still there when i reinstalled.

I think that only works on the Standalone


You have to clear the cloud for it too I believe. There is a way to do it on steam, im just a bit hazy on the details since Ive never done it myself.

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I know this isn't an answer, but why not just start a new game, go kill spiders until you get the skull and do the simple task necessary to unlock him.  Then you did what was necessary to unlock it and it would take less time than uninstalling everything and such.

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You can try entering this in the console:


Profile.persistdata.unlocked_characters["webber"] = false


Then, to save it:




This will remove Webber from the character menu, in effect locking him. However, I haven't tried to re-unlock him once this is done.


Let me know if it works.



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