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  1. This thread is poo. Imagine a potential new player comes to the General Discussion forums, and notices that one of the most recent topics is an argument over who uses macros, who's a 'God' at pvp... and other general childish bickering. Do you think they'd want to buy and play the game now that they think everyone playing it 'cheats' and is in denial? I'm not trying to be rude here, but just stating the obvious... if you wanted to help the game... you shouldn't have made this thread. It'd be wise also to keep petty arguments in private messages, or even better... if there's someone you don't like playing with (or don't like in general), just find another server. My 1.5 cents. -Crynux
  2. You know, it would be nice to have a Raspberry Pi build; I just dunno if the device can handle the game. They could even develop a Chester case for the Raspberry Pi!
  3. Well, the news of Official multiplayer was not expected. But I don't see this as a negative for the mod. Maybe with this mod, we gave the devs a reason to look into multiplayer as an official feature. For now, I'm going to halt development of the Mod. I've been contacted by the devs regarding the official multiplayer, however I'm not going to divulge any information communicated, as I don't consider it my right to. I'd like to thank you all for the support during the time myself and others worked on this mod. Your support, and our work, has not gone to waste. I've learned many things in developing this mod, and we've shown our strong desire to have multiplayer in Don't Starve! -Crynux
  4. Hello, and thank you for the comments. I've finally somewhat settled in after moving for the summer. I hope to get back to working on the mod in the next few days... hopefully tomorrow. I'm glad you and your son are excited for the mod, I do plan to finish it, even though it will take quite some time, and a ton of work. It's getting there though. I haven't looked into it yet, but I will probably take a peek at the standalone of the DLC in the next few days, and see if it has LuaSockets. If it does, then a version for the DLC is possible! I hadn't thought of it being added to the mods section in the actual game. That would be a nice addition to the mod! Thanks to all for comments and support! -Crynux
  5. Thanks! No set date on a release yet... will be starting development again in a few days, have to move temporarily. -Crynux
  6. Hello and Welcome to the Forums! For chat, we have a simple system setup where you click buttons to make your character say a short message. This removes the complications of a full chat system, yet allows for communication among players if they have no other way. The item saving is something that will be established a little further. We still have a bit more synchronization to do, and which method we pick will be determined by what makes the most sense. As for now, we'd likely just store things on the player, eventually we may get to a password situation, so you can be sure your stuff is safe if playing on a public server. Thanks for the interest and comments! -Crynux
  7. Very interesting, I was thinking of using Paypal by itself, but this might be a better option. I don't have time at the moment to look into it, but I will definitely check it out when I get home later today. Thank you for the suggestion!
  8. Firstly, Welcome to the Forums! Thank you for the support in creating this mod. Development has stopped for the past week or so, as exam time has come around. I have 2 more exams, and should be able to get back to development in the beginning of May. As for your second question, a concrete date for the Beta release isn't set yet. There is still a lot of testing to do, and quite a bit of synchronization left. Your third question made me think... Donations would be more than welcome for paying for hosting, as I would eventually like the mod to turn into some type of community supported service. People could optionally donate, and such donations would be put entirely towards hosting the server. Server hosting would continue as along as there are donations to support it. In the future, I might make a standalone server that people can use, but at the moment the Linux version is my focus. Anyways, if you're really interested in donating, I have a deal for you. I'm considering having pre-beta donation based access. That is, if you support the mod before the beta is released, by donating, you get access to the mod, and can help test before the Beta release. Donations during this period will be held onto, and once there is enough to pay for server hosting, the donations will be put towards a hosted server. How this would work is, if you want to donate, you can send me a private message saying so. I'd reply with a link to where you can donate. Once I see your donation has been made, and you verify such yourself, I will send you a copy of the current client side portion of the mod. Additionally, you would get a pre-beta access code, which you would have to enter when playing the game, in order to connect to the server, and verify that you're a donor. I should mention that if there is support for such a setup (ie people like it), I would be glad to make it happen. However, I will not send donation links until I am able to work on the mod again; donations are for the mod only, and if I'm unable to work on the mod momentarily, then I shouldn't allow donations until I can. I still have 2 exams left, and want to focus on them for the time being. As said above, in early May, I should be able to get back to work on the mod, and this is when donation-based access COULD start if people want it! Anyways, I thank you for the comments and support. To anyone reading; if you support the general idea above, post here and let me know! Thanks in advance, Crynux PS: Sorry if this post is worded strangely... my brain is partially fried from study in the past weeks, which is another reason why I'm avoiding development among exams!
  9. Hello, and thank you for the complements! Regarding cooperative mode, the general idea with the mod is that there will be clients and a server. It will not be possible for one client to connect directly to another client. However, it's likely that you will be able to join servers via an ip address... and I'm thinking about allowing people to limit the number of players on the server... a minimum of 2. Recently I've made a prototype for a 'lobby', where players can see a list of servers, and connect to them through a menu. I will likely add a Direct Connect option in the future, where you can specify an IP address, but as for the moment, the lobby screen is fine. There are a few reasons for not allowing clients to connect directly to one another. Firstly, the game is already pretty heavy on slower machines (at least from my experiences), adding the additional computations that would come with the implementation of a multiplayer mod would slow down the host quite a bit. Secondly, what would happen if the host of the game disconnected? The host position would have to fall to another player, in turn, requiring a huge change in who sends data, and who receives data. For those reasons, and others, I've decided that a client-server setup is the best option. I hope I've answered all of your questions clearly. Your English is fine! Thank you once again for the support and the best wishes for exams... It's been really difficult to study this term, but hopefully I'll pull through fine! Thanks again -Crynux
  10. You can still play the beta with windows.... only the server will be Linux only, the client (mod) will work for windows and Linux. -Crynux
  11. For beta a binary version of the server will not be available for download. I'm going to either host the server myself, or pay for hosting. People can then connect to the server and play. In future releases, I may create a binary in which people can use for playing on their local network. But since the beta is only to stress test the server, and help me find bugs in the mod, there will be no server release. -Crynux
  12. Yes, more or less. I want to stress test the server, if it can handle more players than will ever be on it, then I don't have to worry about it not handling the few players that will in the final version. I should mention, that we will likely implement virtual servers (at least that's what I call them). With this setup, players would play with 5 or so other players, on a server which hosts multiple games. On a side note... I tested the server yesterday on my 300Mhz laptop with 32MB ram. Runs fine. The laptop looks like the one in the image below. It even has a Floppy Drive (for those of you who actually know what a Floppy Disk/Drive is ). -Crynux
  13. That rewrite must have been ages ago. I first found out about Minecraft when it was only a Java Applet on their website. The only thing you could do was place and destroy blocks, but that's besides the point. You're correct in saying that our situation can be in many ways more complicated than Minecraft. If Minecraft was rewritten by the developers, they would have much more control and freedom than we do. Additionally, mobs and other aspects of Don't Starve are, or at least seem to be, much more complex than in Minecraft, which complicate the implementation of a multiplayer mod. (I'm glad Don't Starve wasn't written in Java... +1 for the Devs) Thanks for the comment! -Crynux