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Portable lightning rod

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Now that lightning hits you, there should be a portable lightning rod we can place down. Unlike the normal lightning rod, this one will have a durability and can take (x) amount of hits before going out. That or have it so when you are wielding the morning star and get hit with lightning, the weapon absorbs the lightning and saves you from taking damage. Could even make it so lightning can recharge the morning star and make it a worth wild investment.

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I think lightning rod hat ^ is already invented http://dochermes.livejournal.com/459852.html after Benjamin Franklin discovered lightning= electricity, therefore, Maxwell may have stumbled upon it in his timeline. Yet, the use of it is irrelevant to the game as lightning deals meager damage, and we have something  @ oCrapaCreeper pointed out. Rather, a weapon which is charged by lightning to increase damage output is better IMO, and not just morning star. 

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