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  1. I just puked all over my room. I was smiling during the entire thing.
  2. I'm thinking a late-game item which requires several boards, cut stone, lightbulbs etc. and it has bars which measure the resources of the house. You would need to keep all of these bars above a certain amount to be able to use the house. For example: Boards 9/15: 10/15 minimum required to use the house Cut stone 11/15: 10/15 minimum required to use the house Light bulb 7/10: 7/10 minimum required to use the house These numbers would slowly go down, if all of them go 0/x your house breaks down, and they need to be above a certain number to use the house. Using the house would drain a few of your resources right away. This means: lots of maintenance, high cost, high reward.
  3. I'd go for WX-78, just because of the amazing potential for growth.
  4. ああ、そう。私はまだ日本語をべんきょうします、だから、私はよく漢字をしらない。(I had to use jisho for the first three kanji, and my sentences might be wrong)
  5. I'm kind of okay with his health being high, and his only attack is a simple close-range strike like in real chess (that's a really low attack range!). It feels quite balanced, really.
  6. Yeah. When the king spawns into the world and you get the temperature fluctuations, you have to go to the chess biome and take the king down there. The queen, however, comes to your base to attack you. The king also has more health than the queen and can spawn a larger amount of enemies. It is actually already the way you want it to be, sort of.
  7. Yeah, I've just started learning some lua. Helps that I got some coding experience
  8. Hmmk, I like it but I think I heard that the devs didn't want to do anything with the caves anymore. It's kind of a pity, because the caves are easily expanded upon. I guess I'm going to have to learn some coding and make a mod if I really want these ideas in-game.
  9. Does the melonsicle not affect temperature in any way?
  10. With every sunrise, you have a chance that the mob aspect of despair spawns and hits you, its effects are 20 damage and temporary sanity decrease to 1 (1 minute). It hits you once and then goes away.
  11. I am not that experienced in Chinese, but I know that the kanji and hanzi are very similar, some characters being basically the same (The readings, however, are different). I have had a slight bit of experience with similar languages, mainly because I have to learn German as a Dutch person. Let's just say that German is my least favourite language together with Dutch right now.
  12. I learn it by myself, but I have lots of resources. If you want to try learning japanese, here are a few websites that I'd suggest: - Your holy book of kanji, you can get the full meaning, stroke order and different readings of kanji here. - Not that amazing, but this is where I started off learning Japanese. Youtube - there are so many guides on youtube, it's amazing. Wikipedia - You can find the jouyou kanji sorted by grade here, so you can basically learn kanji in the order in which Japanese children learn them. Google - To learn the hiragana and katakana, google images is the best. I also have this book on Japanese grammar which I downloaded somewhere, it's like 300 pages. I might be able to send it if you want. I also recommend getting yourself a whiteboard, as you can easily practice and erase from it. I use my whiteboard all the time. EDIT: I just found this website, it will probably help you get started and help you decide if you want to actually start learning: