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As you may be able to tell from my Avatar pic (its small.. so maybe not; its a goblin with a mohawk ;) ), I too will put forward my support for the idea of a punk rock elemental.

However, as others have pointed out we already have a 'hidden' protector enemy. If we want new enemies, hopefully they would be different in some way from ones we already have. Sure its a neat mechanic, but admit it, you would get bored of seeing the same things happen all the time.

Perhaps instead of appearing when boulders are destroyed, the punk rocker could be summoned by a tall bird that sees you destroy a boulder. It would do its little jig, run up to a boulder and begin pecking at it or something, drawing a couple other boulders together into the punk rock!

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I agree with Dom-Smithe, when adding a new monster to the game it should introduce a new mechanic. That's what sets us apart from the animals, and Don't Starve from rpgs where I don't care what the name of the mooks are since the only stat I care about is their hp (bad rpgs that is).

Also, Optimus Pine only attacks if you chop down too many trees and don't plant any.

How about it dances destructively non stop? Anything near it gets destroyed like it was an attack, and when it moves across the map it destroys trees, berry bushes, anything in its way. Other than killing it all you can do is soothe it to sleep with the flute. It would be a destructive giant, like a land slide moshing cross country.

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