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  1. Thank you very much, NPC! That's the beautiful thing about poetry. The subject matter doesn't matter, it's all about how the subject is used. That being said, I'm bored of writing poems, we here's another fan-fiction character profile. Wayne, the Manic Name: WayneSex: Male Hair Color: Blood Red Hair Style: Slicked-Back Eye Color: Blue Height: 6’0” Clothing: An untied straight-jacket with torn sleeves to allow use of hands. Two black belts form an “X” across his waist. White pants, no shoes. Face is covered in white make-up, with small sections around his right eye and the left side of his mouth being wiped off. Red make-up covers his nose and blue lipstick adorns his mouth. Title: The Manic Health: 100 Hunter: 150 Sanity: 0 Perk: Unaffected by the endless hallucinations. Perk Explained: Wayne always has 0 Sanity, this being both his minimum and his maximum. As such, he is constantly plagued by blurred vision, black tendrils at the edge of his field of vision, and the presence of Hallucinations. However, Wayne has complete and total mastery over his insanity, and as such the Hallucinations are always neutral towards him, only ever attacking should he attack them first. The Night Hand, however, will still attempt to extinguish his campfires. The obvious bonus to this is a lack of having to worry about Sanity, but as a side-effect, Wayne can also make full use of Sanity-draining items without penalty. Though the Night Hand will steal his campfires, Wayne loses nothing by utilizing a Night Light instead. Though Wayne’s vision is blurred and more monsters, albeit neutral ones, are on screen, he still finds himself better suited for combat as a whole due to his ability to wear Night Armor and wield the Dark Sword without any penalty. Wayne gains no effects from Sanity-increasing effects, either. Picking flowers, wearing comforting clothing, eating well-cooked food, etc. only serve their initial purposes. There is no method of reducing the hallucinations that Wayne sees. Character Traits in “MP: TDSPTE:” Wayne had always hated his father, being blamed for every misdoing in his childhood home. His sisters were held on a pedestal, however, and in his father’s eyes could do no harm. This made the affection he received from his mother all the more meaningful, and after his mother’s death at his father’s hands, Wayne grew up to seek anyone who would give him the same love that she had given him. After… forcefully seeking this attention from a teenage boy, Wayne found himself in court and, eventually, committed to a mental institution. There, he rotted for many years, until one day suddenly disappearing with no trace left behind. Wayne’s new location? Maxwell’s realm. Disguised by Maxwell via face make-up, Wayne would prove himself to be arguably the single most aggressive contestant in MP: TDSPTE history; the first contestant that would ever make Maxwell himself nervous.
  2. Yes, let the poetry spread! Mua ha ha!Don't feel too bad about the day 35 starvation, btw. I'm still yet to make it past, like, day 27. I get too impatient and always rush into something more dangerous than I can handle ._.;
  3. Who here likes Limericks? Everyone? Excellent! Tallbird Asleep on the nest of her youth, She’s silent and happy and couth, ‘Til her egg is endangered, By these well-dressed strangers. They learn of her anger, forsooth. Should they manage to outrun the beast, The invader shall have quite a feast. But if their hearts be kinder, Then they may well find her; A newly born baby, at least. She chirps and she cries for a meal, Which, at first, wasn’t part of the deal. But her needs must be tended, And so backwards, they bended, Which retracts from her starting appeal. Will seeds be enough for the child? Or some berried they found in the wild? So they feed her, and then, When her days number ten, They will see all their efforts compiled. Now taller and shaded more green, She eats more than they ever had seen! And when food become short, T’was a pecking retort. As it turns out, she’d grown rather mean. She ate all the food not consumed, As they let her do, less they be doomed. As she’s nearly adult, The strangers feel at fault, That such hunger within her eyes loomed. With food though, she soon followed well, Obeying the strangers’ each yell. Their orders were her fate, And ‘till day twenty-eight, She would follow them deep into Hell. A month had passed since she was fresh, And her adventures all seemed to mesh. With her growing fulfilled, The strangers soon were killed, And she dined for a week on their flesh.
  4. If I can't make any money off of this English degree I have, I might as well write videogame poetry, lol.Thanks for the feedback!
  5. Re-read the title of this post. The dual purpose of it is to highlight traits from my new, up-coming fan-fiction. As stated, I will be introducing original characters, as to not mess too much with the official lore. With two poems down, I thought I'd post my current character-sketch (it's an expression, it's just a written outline) for the new main character of the story. Any and all feedback on this new character is greatly appreciated! I want to make this the best "Don't Starve" fic ever written, and I need your help to do so! Also, if anyone's sexy enough to maybe do an actual sketch of the character, someone more talented with a pencil than I, That would be amazing! I'd love to see multiple interpretations, actually. So, without further ado, may I introduce... Whitney, the Roboticist Name: WhitneySex: Female Hair Color: Electric Blue Hair Style: Layered, Hangs Down to Jaw Eye Color: Black Height: 5’7” Clothing: Construction-Orange Blouse, Black Slacks, Black Sneakers. Copper, Steam-Punk-Style Device in her ear, used to record monologues. Title: The Roboticist Health: 100 Hunger: 150 Sanity: 200 Perk: Accompanied by her trusty companion, Wire. Perk Explained: Wire is a copper, robotic dog, his body featuring similar metal plating patterns to WX-78. His design is based on a Bloodhound, with his ears being the same color blue was Whitney’s hair and his tail being a lever with a red ball on the end. When excited or in combat, the lever continually switches on and off. Whitney spawns with Wire by her side, and he follows her in a similar manner to Chester. Right-clicking on Wire will make him sit, where he will stay until right-clicked again. He appears on the map, so she’ll never lose track oh him. Wire is nearly useless in combat, featuring a mere 50 HP and dealing only 1 damage per attack. However, he can be sent in to aggravate monsters, such as the Koalefant, at which point he will return to Whitney’s side, the beast now targeting her. Wire can also be used to pick up items from a distance. For example, if Whitney desires a piece of silk left behind by a Spider, but multiple other Spiders still surround it, she can right-click the silk, and Wire will run in, grab the item, and ran back, dropping it at her feet and not aggroing the Spiders. If Whitney is being chased by an enemy, and she loses the enemy’s aggro by creating enough distance, the enemy may still target Wire. He can also be attacked by wandering enemies if Whitney is far away and he’s been told to sit. Should Wire take damage, he recovers health in sunlight. This works quickly in clear summer weather, at a medium pace on clear winter days and summer dusks, slowly on winter dusks, and not at all at night or during rain or snow. If Wire loses all of his health, he will cause a small explosion that damages nearby enemies for 20 damage. He will re-appear by Whitney’s side after 3 full days have passed. Character Traits in “Maxwell Presents: The Don’t Starve Prime Time Extravaganza:” Whitney will take Wilson’s role from the Beta story, “The ‘Don’t Starve’ Program.” She will be a very intelligent, though anti-social young woman, preferring to tinker with her machines rather than socialize. She wasn’t always that way, though, previously being outgoing and a rare kind of know-it-all that’s actually fun to be around and interesting to learn from. Her personality would shine through the best around her fiancé, but for reasons unknown to the world at the time, Maxwell dragged him into his television program, “MP:TDSPTE,” where he was torn to pieces by hounds on his sixth day of survival. Whitney, a couple months down the road, has since become the first individual to volunteer to participate in the program, her goal being to conquer the world and find Maxwell so that she can exact her revenge.
  6. Thanks for the positive feedback so far! Now, without further ado... Insanity Resolving to do so, arguably against my better judgment, I descend, head-first, into the gaping orifice in the earth Where I will assuredly find new lands awaiting exploration. I find a swamp, and I cut reeds, avoiding horrific monstrosities As they lash with every fiber of their being In an attempt to impale the epidermis which protects me from the elements. As night falls, I find I lack supplies to create a proper fire, so I fell some trees as quickly as I can in a panic And barely manage to form the light that could keep me safe from darkness. My stomach rumbles, so I down stale carrots to keep myself from withering, Then more carrots, still stale, as visions catch my eye in the dark, Visions of more eyes catching mine. The next day’s travels consist of flashes That cannot be. Horrid things, made of black, surely illusions Fake. They cannot be. And so I ignore them and hunt the nests of nearby arachnids. Rabbits holes. The rabbits are strange, are they not? Black, and the hairs on their bodies appear more human than usual. I kill some. I find hairs, and I find nothing. I take the nothing with me. As night falls again, I forge the nothing. I make light with gold, a ruby and nothing.And it keeps me safe and lit. I can see in the dark and the eyes see me back. I stand by the nothing, a pile of gold and ruby and nothing and safety. The fake ones. They attack me. I fight. I collect from them nothing. And meat. I eat the meat. Then I take the nothing. I make paper. Paper and nothing. Twig and nothing. They die. I use twig. They die. They attack. I’m safe. Paper and nothing keeps me safe. Sword. Kill monster. Eat spoiled carrots. Armor. Night. Night Light keeps monsters away. Start fire. It’s gone. They took it. Okay. I have Night Light. Sword. Armor. Nothing.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Rayze Darr, author of the discontinued story "The 'Don't Starve' Program." Now, issues with my ideas for the story have stopped me from continuing it at this time, but in the mean time, I'd still like to do some writing about the "Don't Starve" universe. My answer? Poetry! Yes, my good men and women, I will be writing "Don't Starve" themed poems! These will mainly be based off of canon "Don't Starve" facts and lore, but I may, later down the road, sneak in some poems based on my ideas for my remake of my "Don't Starve" fan fiction. That being said, I would also like to post the name I currently have in my mind to title the new story for when it comes, and seek feedback on it. Maxwell Presents: The Don't Starve Prime Time Extravaganza! The new story, as I'm currently plotting, will follow the same premise. "Don't Starve" is a 24-hour TV program that anyone in the world can tune in to at any time, allowing them to follow the "contestant" in real-time. Maxwell serves as both game master and host. As for new ideas...-Rather than first person, the story shall be told from a third person perspective... Maxwell's! -A timeline, allowing readers to follow events in the order they come. -Sub-chapters, single chapters that will follow an entire, minor character's adventure, and death, in the world. -A prequel! Taking place before Wilson, Wendy, etc. were even heard of. This also allows me to use more... -Original characters! I'm currently brainstorming a geeky, yet lovable, female as the main character. So yes, this topic serves two purposes. One, feedback on my in-progress "Don't Starve" fan-fiction, which I will not even begin to write until after Launch. Two, to showcase some more of my "Don't Starve" work and perspective in the form of poetry. Please, do enjoy the poems that I have come up with! Though I will only post one to start, more will come as I find inspiration in the "Don't Starve" world. And finally, I love you all! Maxwell A watcher, a player, and god of this realm, The tyrant whose hand sits so tight on the helm, Creating whatever events he sees fit, For the suffering pawns he seeks to overwhelm. Despised though he is by the damned he controls, He still dictates their fates with each die that he rolls, From the marsh to the forest and all lands between, It is he who’s behind all these rising death tolls, It is he who controlled every moment we’ve seen, From the plains to the quarries that ended our goals. A madman, a genius, a demon some say, For no others would work human lives like a play, Or would they all do so were they given the chance? For there’s nothing else he’d rather do with his day. And he must be stopped, all his little pawns cry, But before they can do so they’ll all surely die, Because they are on his field and his battleground, And they cannot win despite how hard they try, And they cannot fathom that he’s all around, Because they hold on to the most beautiful lie. Each small blade of grass is created by hand, He’s forged every snowflake that touches the land, And crafted the monsters that call it their home, With his pawns’ lifeless bodies his personal brand. So abandon all hope, should you land in his sight, And come ready to die or come ready to fight. The game master waits to lay claim to your ghost, To strike down the heroes with furious might, To strike down the heroes the world loves the most, The game master waits in the darkness of night.
  8. I tried Adventure Mode, my first time playing the game since Long Live the Queen, actually. Found a Box Thing on day 1, then wandered around just trying to survive, build up some food, get some tools, etc. until about day 8 when I started searching the blank areas. Found a Ring Thing, and then a Wooden Thing on day 11. I combined the 3 parts together, lit my fire for the night, and when morning came...Everything was tinted blue. I imagine the look on my face was priceless, coming upon my first winter. I found the Potato Thing and ran it back with relative ease, then set out to try and find the last Thing. I survived for a full 4 days away from camp, my only light and head being setting forests on fire. Day 16 was my last, downed by a Spider Warrior whose nest I had burnt down.So yeah, World 1's my farthest. Gonna go in now for another try, though.
  9. Worry not, sir. As I said, when the time comes to rework the tale, the basic premise will be the same.Think of this story as the prototype, or beta, of the main story.
  10. After the full game's launch, I'll spend some time playing it to really get myself into the Don't Starve mood, and then I'll begin writing. Not until after launch, though.
  11. I leave the forums to pursue other ventures, and I find such support! I am flattered, truly. To everyone who's been supportive of this fic, even as it sat here gathering dust, I feel I owe an explanation of my lack of updates. I blame no one for this, because I feel that Klei is doing an excellent job with the game. However, the fairly frequent updates keep adding tons of factors into the Don't Starve universe that I hadn't considered at time of writing. Spider Queens, Wooden Things, the new Research system, Winter, Pig AI, new characters, food spoilage and, the biggest of all that I've left no room for... Insanity. It's all giving me a ton of factors that I had to work into the story. As such, here's one idea I've been rolling around in my head. Klei have not yet stated whether or not they'd be giving backstories to the world's characters, which is mainly what I was trying to do with my story. Upon launch, should the game's Adventure Mode feature no backstory information on the characters, then I very well may return to write more, utilizing the mechanics at launch which, I hope, will be the vast majority of the final product. There is one more major issue, however, one that I can only blame myself for. I have a roadmap of the story in my head, and I frequently play it out in movie-form, me being the watcher. Soon before I lost interest in the fic, though, I realized something... I didn't write this story from the view of a watcher. I wrote it in first person. As soon as Wilson's arch finished, I was going to move on to cover the story of Wolfgang. Now, I challenge you all. Read the language style of the first chapter. Imagine Wolfgang speaking like that, even in inner-monologue. But many plot points I've set up in this story don't work as well as they would have anymore. As such, if I do end up writing more "Don't Starve" fan fiction, I will be doing so in a new thread, under a new title, from the beginning. I will recycle many plot points from this story if I do so. Should the final game allow it, the Television Program will still be the most prominent idea transferred over, as well as the love triangle between Wilson, Abigail, and Wendy. It will be vastly the same tale, with the main changes being the addition of more of the game's final mechanics. I also have ideas about possibly including brief sub-chapters covering previous contestants, such as good old Wallace. So, to bullet point: Reasons I stopped writing: - Frequent game updates were difficult to work in - Updates made some of my plot points unusable - Language style and PoV wouldn't work after the first story arch - A simple loss of interest, due to the above, that caused me to take a break I didn't return from Things to expect: - If the final game allows it, I will write more - I will restart the story from the beginning if I do so - It will be told from the perspective of a different, more omnipotent character - There will be more details on the world itself and less on the individual surviving And finally, I would like to apologize for leaving you all in the dark on this until now. I am alive, I did not forget my friends on this forum, I still love this game to death, I still love writing, and though I won't do any more now, I will bring you more of my writing in the future.
  12. "Oh crap, it's dark and I forgot to bring fire. But hey, I can stay lit by the lights coming off of the pig's house!" *runs towards pig's house* *lights click off* "... Well f**k you very much..."
  13. Not nearly as many as I thought, only 27. Still, 27 hours from a game I spent $12 is a dang good deal.
  14. I'm not sold on the "every 20 days," but I do like the basic concepts: -Rare spawn -Travels the map, having no "home biome" -Beneficial when found -Improved usefulness with time -Improved care required relative to improved usefulness It'd be like a little Don't Starve Pokemon!
  15. So... Wilson's a mad scientist that's helping Wendy piece together the pieces of her dead twin sister, Abigail. Wolfgang, as a strongman, is doing all of the heavy lifting of machinery and body parts, and Willow acts as Wilson's lab assistant, being that she can light bunsen burners with a snap of her fingers. But, Willow accidentally sets the lab on fire, and they all end up burning to death. Maxwell is, as is the common theory, the devil, punishing them for their actions against nature by forcing them to survive in it.