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Reign of Giants - The First Day


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First of all - yay! Thanks to all of you who are already testing and providing great suggestions and feedback on the Reign of Giants content. We've already got a big list of issues to look into which only means the final product will be even better.


We're pushing out a patch today with a few minor changes and a couple crash fixes. After that, we're going to avoid making any balance changes until the next update in around two weeks time. The next update will include tuning changes, bug fixes, a couple new creatures, and - if we can finish them in time - both new characters.


The tuning changes and bug fixes will take effect without starting a new world but you will have to start a new world at that time if you want to see the new content.


On World Customization and Mods...


Feel free to use these features when testing the beta. In fact, please do! We need to be sure they work to their fullest as well. But, if you're going to provide feedback on gameplay balance - issues like the difficulty of seasons - please avoid using mods and world customizations. Tweaking your game to fit your style is great, but we need to be sure we're only trying to balance one set of variables instead of many different sets. 

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Sounds great! Can't wait to try out the new chars, if they are there, and I was hoping for more new mobs. This sounds like it's going to be fun to play with. :)


What should his string about the other skeletons be?


Dad, Mom, Uncle Owen ...


Damn it upvote quota. I suppose I can give an artificial +1. :)

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