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Exactly why?


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So you might just get mad me blahbouring about multiplayer but I thought about it and there isn't a specific reason why Klei would refuse to do it. Yes, the game was meant to be single player, but if it was made multiplayer, it wouldn't mean you couldn't still play single player. Some people are suggesting DLCs or mods for multiplayer, but that's impossible: in order to make non-local multiplayer the maker of the game needs to make servers or something.

Most peoppe who play the game first love it, but the fact that you can use codes and play without a real purpose by yourself kind of makes you feel a bit wasteman. With codes in hand and mods not being anything special it makes the game boring. I'd say people would get bored of the game in few months. Take markiplier for a change, he only started the game and in the end not completing the adventure mode said he quit and I think that's the only time he ever refused to actually even bother continuing to a game, which is Don't atarve.

We already have co-operative 2 player mod but it's glitchy and ruins the way the game works single player (no offence the mod creator).

When I talked about having multiplayer, yet single player I wanted you to check on minecraft; it's multiplayer possible but mostly played single player, which is how Don't starve would be more awesome like.

Klei said that every single game doesn't have to have multiplayer: my response is obviously aggreying but games LIKE don't starbe HAS to have multiplayer, because:

It's long term

Has no real ending except death

Has no ending story

Games like these has to have multiplayer in order to actually be exiting. If Don't starve had a story line (which it has) WITH an appropriate ending (which it hasn't got) then I doubt if anyone would suggest multiplayer. If don't starve was a different game multiplayer would be a definite NO from everyone, but the way it's made does work as single player but it needs multiplayer as to what the game is like. I'd say, even if there was no real ending but only one character then nobody would talk about multiplayer either.

Klei - it's the TYPE of the game that makes everyone want it multiplayer. If it was for you to make the game differently before people wouldn't want multiplayer, but looking at how far you've gone multiplayer just has to be implemented at some point.

Even DLC and mods are not going to help with boredom people will get from the game afterwards and in the endthe game might just make less and less profit.

Multiplayer actually makes more sense to the game than single player. Reasons:


Multiple characters

Has no real ending

If none of you make multiplayer many will be dissapointed and may be somene will in the end make a non-local multiplayer mod themselves, who can afford a really expensive server. I, from frustration was thinking to do that, so no doubt there might be some people like me. First, we already have local co-operative so if that's possible them multiplayer is possible. The thing that gets in the way is your will not to make it.

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People have said it before, the game is supposed to have a lonely feel. 

Personally, I think the game is fine the way it is. While yes, multiplayer would probably be entertaining, I don't think it's crucial. I don't need some nublet coming along and wasting my resources. 


That being said, there was a thread about this a couple days ago and someone brought up the second player playing as Maxwell to test the survivors and I admit, I do like that idea. I'm just not sure how it would be balanced so that the Maxwell player isn't completely OP. 

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It is interesting how, it seems, there is the presumption that the employees of Klei hadn't thought of the possibilities and gains of a multiplayer option. Since they are Game Developers and have already made other games before and after Don't Starve (or are currently making)

I'm sure they thought of it a lot before deciding to focus solely on single player. It's something you decide very early when developing a game. There is the sticky reasoning of Kevin and I'm sure this won't change this decision. 


(I'm not even saying if Multiplayer would be bad or good or whatever, just honoring the decision made by the devs)

And I'm relieved that there are some not ''only'' profit oriented enterprises out there or at east some which don't sell anything just because they can

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Actually, we have said specifically why: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/4073-multiplayer/


It has nothing to do with how much we think it would be good or bad. It's simply wasn't designed to be a multplayer game. The official response was given just over a year ago. If we would have made the decision the other way and worked on multiplayer rather than the rest of the content that was implemented (as planned), Don't Starve wouldn't be anywhere near the game that it is today. As a matter of fact, from our estimations when looking at the option of adding multiplayer, Don't Starve might not even have been fully launched yet. 

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There was a mod I thought for multiplayer. It wasn't the best quality, but it was a lot of good hard work done well.


I don't really want multiplayer feeling forced into the game. If someone at Klei gets struck by inspiration that would add to the game instead of divide its modes, then I would be supportive regardless if I wanted it.


Multiplayer threads have been suggested a awful lot, so much that this :nomultipl:  became a thing. I would refrain from pushing your idea on people when they respond. Might cause aggrivation.



On a off topic note. Multiplayer threads remind me of this


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Actually there are several multi-player mods out there both on the Files Download on Klei's Forum and Steam Workshop. It's not just under "Multiplayer" but could be using other names. 


I'm not going to bother with detailing the Official Answer on Multi-player which has already been linked twice (once by JoeW himself) and simply summarize: Like it or not, that's their answer and they are sticking with working on DLC and not MP, as per JoeW's reply's last sentence why.

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