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Is it normal to not have walrus camp?

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I started a new game after update and for the first time on all of my don't starve experince (3-4 months) it's first time i didn't have walrus camp. So i thought it can be bug. And yes i checked out everywhere and i even used reveal map command for little parts i may have missing, but nope, there is not, so i had to spawn from console. 


Did it ever happen to you? 



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The holes in the landscape are very strange generation.


I have made many worlds and you don't generally see spots of ocean except in the mosaic biome.


That is ocean down in the swamp in the south not unexplored map? Same with the spot to the left of your base and the spot below the tall bird set piece?


It is just weird swamps don't get lakes like that in my experience.

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wait why the console?


i mean if you start a new world on a new save why not just go back to main menu and generate a new map?

if you're in world 2 and beyond, shouldn't you already have cane & ToS so the walrus existence doesnt really matter anymore? -assuming you always bring your tooth collection from previous world.

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But in all seriousness, that should've been obvious.  :/


I didnt know mine was playing hide and seek there and before revealing map i really did visit chest area, but made a perfect mirrored "C" :/ so never saw that camp :/ (And i always thought walrus camps were in grasslands surrounded by forests)

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