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  1. Rabbit sound

    Truly fascinating, it really changed my life. Anyway ,the roaches, ugh ...
  2. As we are on this thread, is there any effective way/mod to remove rots from ground?After some time seeds that lay on the ground turn into rot before birds can even eat them, and whole map looks not-cool.
  3. Correct me if im wrong, but as far as i know Klei said few months ago that there is going to be a new character in closest updates,there was no new one, so I guess he is going to be implemented now, am I right?
  4. okay the pig house?

    Pig Torches
  5. Duuude, pigs actually dont look so good,that would make them... looking worse than not good.
  6. New charcter

    Wolfgang.Moustache is still cool, but it is not a beard.
  7. New charcter

    Wallace.Cause we need more beardzzz.
  8. Version

    Hi, it's update day, and i still have ,,Strange New Powers" version.Can I update it myself (somehow?) or wait untill tommorow?I live in Europe.