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Here's another pixel art thread for you guys, lord knows there's been enough of those!

Not much to say here except: I hope you enjoy the art!


Here's something i made while thinking of a better avatar other then the poorly-photoshopped one i had at the time 


And two of abigail i made a bit ago, one with a sad face, and one with an angry face

Angry - post-287842-0-67577600-1384011534.png

Sad - post-287842-0-80319900-1384011545.png 

This one is of a crawling horror i made a few minutes ago :razz:


Sorry they're a bit small, i was working in aseprite and was zoomed in most of the time, so i didn't really notice the size

Also, THIS is what happens when im bored, and have aseprite and lord_battals page open at the same time.


I really hope lord_battal doesn't see this...


Edit - Resized Abigail pictures for easier viewing


What i use - 

Pixel Art - Aseprite

Cropping - Photoshop

Replying - My Keyboard

Thinking  - My Brain

In the future i may post some drawings (not pixel art) here, (Warning - I Cannot draw faces to save my life)

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Kirby with Wilson hair is kind of adorable.  Good work! =)


I like that crawling horror

more crawling horror plz

Im really glad you guys like them, by making you happy, i become happy, thus i get motivated to make more, and the cycle repeats :-)

Speaking of which, here's a shadow wilson i worked on for the better part of an hour


I cannot draw pixelate? wilsons hair to save my life >.<

I think i made the axe a bit to big..

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ohey moar pixel art!


I seem to have started something. :grin:


They look real nice!

Why yes, yes you have,


I like your pixel art, especially the crawling horror.

And note that, since it's pixel art, it's quite easy to upscale it. Just use the "box" resizing filter:\



Im happy that you guys like my art, on a side note, that is probably the only time i have ever drawn pixelate? wilsons hair correctly. ever.


And finally, i decided to do a mr. skits because apparently i like doing shadow creatures 

Now comes the hard part, thinking of things that'll look nice, but won't be way over my skill level..

requests, anyone?


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These are great! They all seem quite accurate! Pixel art is always really cool to look at! For feedback.... isn't the lightbulb shining on clockwork bishops? (or maybe that ones not the brightest bulb in the pack...haha) :grin:

I'm glad that you guys enjoy seeing these, i actually spent a lot of time on that clockwork bishop, as for the lightbulb, im not sure but here's one with the lightbulb on anyways post-287842-0-57379500-1384039386.png

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Here, have a slurper, don't get to close though, it might have your head as a snack....


I cannot get myself to be satisfied by that tongue, ive made about 17 different iterations of it, and this seems to be the best xD


//Made the tongue-line a bit brighter so it stands out more


//Here he is a bit upscaled -

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I've made pixels in GIMP and Paint before, so as for your anti aliasing question:


It helps to use a 1px brush (often the smallest brush size) instead of large brushes/2px wide brushes when outlining so the edges are rounder.

Usually my method of making these is, i'll start out with a rough shape, and as i go adding details e.g the slurpers eyes and mouth and top-hair, i smooth the areas around those out, bad thing about this is that places that don't have many details are left rough, i really need to work on that :p

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You should make sure that the outlines are 1px wide so they look less rough. ^^

I can see this a little bit on the top of the slurper's head. It looks like it is around 2px wide when it should be 1px wide. In some cases, you can crop off corners to give it a smoother look.

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You should make sure that the outlines are 1px wide so they look less rough. ^^

I'll try to make my the outlines look a lot smoother in my next stuff, without the outline, things just look incomplete to me for some reason, dunno why.

Hey, do you still do pixel art? if so, do you have a thread? i'd love to see some of your work.

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I'll post some of my art on my art thread after I find it. I haven't done it in awhile because I've been busy, but over the summer, I did quite a bit of it.

Awesome, can't wait to see it post-287842-0-53855300-1384049046.png


P.s - this sprite is now officially going to replace the :D face for me.

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