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{Mod Collab} Starboard

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This will be quite hard to pitch.

Because my online life (And by extension, whole life) is based on helping with mods, I became quite bored after the Halloween Challenge. So, after a while, I came up with this.

A while ago, in the What Roams the world collab, I pitched the idea of floods, which someone then suggested boats. I personally thought that would be an amazing addition to the collab, so I started toying around with ideas in my head. I eventually came up with too much to both realistically suggest and keep in a mod collab without it being too small. So, I figured I'd put it in it's own collab.


Here's my brainstorms for the more boring aspects.

Item drops:

Certain items would be able to float, allowing you to pick them up if they get knocked out of your ship/they drop from a water enemy. The rest would sink.


The speed of all of the boats would be around %75 of the normal walking speed. Also, the boats would have health along with you, so if an enemy attacks you, the boat could possibly sink while you survive, causing you to drown.


Water-based mobs would spawn, and their drops would entice players and islands would spawn with unique trees and plants.

I also have more ideas separate of lameness, though.



Wooden planks x20, Rope x5

This is the average boat, but with slightly higher health. It also allows for one chest to be placed on it.

S.S. Pheo

Red gem x2, Gold x10, Torch

Starts out with high health and speed, but slowly degrades over 5 days. At the end, it bursts into flames and restarts at the top again.


Sailing scribe:

A guy in a boat that throws out messages in bottles that contain stories that occasionally hide a clue to some secret.

Siren Serpent:

A huge fish that looks peaceful when far away, but when approached, it corrupts and sprays goop that damages your health and sanity.


A type of fish that shoots out of the water at random moments and then falls. You lose 10 health if it hits you.


Walruses, but pirates. The end.

I really hope you guys will like this, I really like the idea myself.

This post is really underdeveloped, though ('Cause of reasons). Keep that in mind. Please.

Team Starboard:

Writer: @KidneyBeanBoy

Feel free to contribute.

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I really like the mob ideas you have. Plus willow's fire immunity could serve a purpose with that second ship of yours. I'm a terrible coder who can't do more than cannabalize others work for his own means, other wise I'd offer my services. I will be glad to serve as moral support though!

Go Team Starboard!

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I was just thinking to myself that something should be done about the abundance of water on the DS worlds.  XD


As for ideas I was thinking, along the lines of mythical sea serpents and the already existing tentacles.   Maybe giant sea tentanles?   Kinda like a krakens arms but that is all you would see?



And for a regular boat it would cost 25 wooden planks, 7 rope and 10 slurtle slime?  (As a binding agent perhaps?)


Just random ideas.  ;)

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As I said on What Roams The World, I support this idea! Also, I wouldn't add the sailing scribe. It would be more mysterious if you just found notes in a bottle floating about but never saw who was dropping them.


The occasional merm pirates (merms with pirate hats) would be awesome. The addition of cannons sounds awesome if its possible. Would be a good use for gunpowder. Pirates could have the possibility to rarely drop a treasure map. Just a thought.

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Bump. Naturally spawning islands with a different range of sizes would be an awesome idea. I personally would love to set up base on a tropical island. Although, it sounds too safe from hound attacks as they cant just spawn a small little island your standing on. Maybe give hounds the ability to dog paddle to get to you or maybe add a sea creature that attacks if your out in the water when the hounds are supposed to attack.


On another note altogether, deep sea fishing... now that's a thought.

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A: That wasn't a bump. That was a necro.

B: Please don't do either unless you have something to contribute other than ideas. We have enough of them, btw.

Two weeks does not a necro make. :razz:


Edit: Also, every time I see this thread I read the title as "Starbound". xD

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