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  1. Secrets [sneak peek pics]

    The update is looking awesome! (:
  2. Our Tavern (open discussion)

    I have been away for a while now and i see the last comment was almost two weeks ago! What's going on lately, any progress? I did't play in over a month and i downloaded the latest update two weeks ago but didn't get to play! I will DEFINITELY have time starting monday, so what's new? what needs testing? what's coming up? (:
  3. Secrets [sneak peek pics]

    Those are awesome! (:
  4. Up and Away

    DO you have a rough eta for the beta? as in automn or late 2014 or something?
  5. Suggestions

    YAY for more variety coming soon! (:
  6. Bugzilla

    All right, thanks. Another thing, not sure if i should post it here, but i guess...i have a lv20 wizzard, but spells seems to cost the same, like spells that usually need 4 fuel still need 4 instead of 3
  7. Bugzilla

    All right, but if i want a log file without a crash, where do i get one, for next time? Also, i've been wanting to tell you guys for a long time but it always slip out of my mind, there is a typo with the description when you inspect magic wand. First of all it says the same thing for the scroll and the wand, and it should obviously say something different when inspecting the wand. Here's what it says ''Creates a wand the fires a magical missile at opponents''
  8. Bugzilla

    How do i give a logfile if the game does not crash? And the mod is in the list, there is nothing different at all when i launch the game either. edit: i will try to redownload, maybe the file was not downloaded properly somehow. edit: i downloaded the latest version from 2hrs ago, and it works fine now! (:
  9. Bugzilla

    Well, in fact, it's not crashing, the game just does not see the mod, like, i see Wilson instead of my old char and if i start a new game i don't have any of the HitD chars in the list! But i double-checked and the mod is enabled.
  10. Bugzilla

    I downloaded the latest Github and the mod does not work. I then reinstalled the earlier version because i still had the installation and it works. So...i guess there is a typo somewhere or something like that?
  11. Suggestions

    Wow, i had never realised it would make such a big difference lol
  12. Suggestions

    the armor (: thanks
  13. Suggestions

    I have to try, what's the command to spawn one?
  14. Suggestions

    I see, so we will probably get higher damage weapons then! I understand the magic missile being his base attack, but like i say, maybe just have it be on par with spear for others at least? since it's harder to make/ needs more ressources, maybe instead of 20 and later 30 it could be 25 and later34? so it takes 1 few hit to kill enemies with 100hp? Other than that, i understand and agree with all the points you made (:
  15. Suggestions

    The last couple weeks i've been playing extensively with the wizard, and i got to say, i really like him but i think he needs to make more damage. Because first of all, he can die very easily and he needs to make damage quickly to compensate, and the only truly powerful skill he has is fireball but it can easily backfire if you're not careful lol. I think his default weapon ''magic missile'' should be stronger and here are the reasons. 1- all other characters can do more damage per hit with a simple spear 2-spears are wayyy more easy to craft 3-you need to farm for nightmare fuel and for that you need to become insane and he has tons of sanity 4-even after he gets his damage boost, it is still weaker than most characters damage. My suggestion, change default from 20 to 30, and lv10dmg from 30 to 50. That way he can take care of spiders and such in 2 hits when at a higher level. But still needs to hit quite a few times for goblins and such.
  16. Our Tavern (open discussion)

    summon swarm can be used multiple times, so you can have as many spiders with you as you summon. (;
  17. Our Tavern (open discussion)

    Can't wait to help in testing! (:
  18. Suggestions

    Did you really mean psions as in psionics? If so, i think it would be hard to implement something like that, and have good visuals to represent what they are doing.
  19. Our Tavern (open discussion)

    Didn't know you were sick...and 6 more post and you're the devil! Watch out guys, we will soon see a hellish troll! XD
  20. You Are Being Hunted!

    He does look like a deerclop though
  21. Our Tavern (open discussion)

    I never did, lol. The one time i wrote it that way was only in the forum to show you the letters, but in-game i did write it properly
  22. Our Tavern (open discussion)

    That's what i did at first but it does not work, it says something like, not declared.
  23. Our Tavern (open discussion)

    I tried that today and it does not work. What am i doing wrong? i wrote The_wizard, Wizard, TheWizard and nothing between the () and it does not work.
  24. Suggestions

    If it works it would be awesome! Sometimes i just wish though, that we could play with controller eenabled but still be able to use the keyboard/mouse control at the same time like many other pc games...that way i could use the abilities on top of the screen and the beautifully crafted books! Damn Klei for disabling key/mouse when controller is active! lol