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Extra Life 2013

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Im watching it right now... Shes such a pro ! Or Im such a noob.


But watching you play made me want to  play. Started a new world, with Wendy, died on day 12, just now due to a random tentacle, I was with no  armor and mid health :/ UGH !


I feel so frustrated cause I was going well :/


Now I wont start a new world for a ...for some time at least. There .I vented my frustration on you guys :p

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Gonna have to shut down for the night, sadly.


My mother-in-law is in the ER and we may need to be functional in the morning to help my father-in-law. 


Assuming I am not taking care of that, I will be resuming and doing my final eight hours tomorrow.


Made it to day 91, tho. 


Thanks to everyone who has been watching and helping.

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