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  1. When building or digging

    I am also experiencing this issue, nearly constantly. I have to save/exit 5-6 times for each new project I undertake.
  2. Worms are ridiculous

    I also saw this as Women are Ridiculous at first.
  3. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    Which level did you play? Archipelago How would you rate your Don’t Starve skill? Moderate Did you end the level by teleporting or by dying, and at how many days? I died at the end of the ninth day. I was killing off a beehive when a tentacle got me in the grass at the edge of the swamp. What was the most challenging aspect of the level? The split resources on the islands was a challenge. I had to go from one to the other to get the things I needed to set up camp, and it was taking a toll on my sanity. I was keeping it up with a garland and flowers, but I would have run out eventually. What did you have the most fun with in this particular level? What was the coolest part? I really enjoyed the Divining Rod. What was your overall strategy for beating the level? Did you change or adapt the strategy as the level went on? I was in the middle of setting up a base on a bee/forest heavy island when I died, but my plan was to start moving stuff over and getting bigger/better stuff before gearing up to leave. I had a hard time finding gold despite mining 6-ish rocks, so I was never able to build a science machine and get a backpack, so storage was an issue. I had an island full of rabbits and beefalo, but to get the grass and twigs needed to make traps, I needed to go to an entirely different island. It was going to end up being a balancing act. Also, my auto-correct wants me to change Beefalo to Beefaroni.
  4. [Gameplay] Steam sync fail loading game.

    I just lost my day 55. =/ Edited for more information: I am running the game through steam on windows 8.