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I got bored of lurking in the shadows and decided to make an appearance in these forums as well.

Forgive me for my noobiness, when I'm howling from these woods of the internet, and enjoy my art instead! ^^


I wanted to see Wilson happy for once, so I gave him a big fish:



The next two pictures were actually made for TrebleStudios, because I love her stories and art! xD

In this one Maxwell was... playing fetch with his puppies..?


Fanart of Treble's story "King of Winter". I enjoy painting fur as you may notice. xD



Just woke up with this idea stuck in my head one morning, so I had to draw it. Treeguard gets a peace offering from Wilson. I wonder if the single pinecone will be enough though...

Drawing all that grass must have lowered my sanity level considerably, I should go and pick some flowers now......



This comic is about something that really happened when I was playing Don't Starve. Twice actually..! >_<
I was picking up evil flowers in order to make some nightmare fuel (to get an amulet). My inventory was full, but Chester was standing just behind Wilson. How convenient, right? I can just store the petals inside Chester for the time being. Or that's what I thought.
Just when I was clicking "store", it changed into "eat" (because Chester was so close to Wilson). I only noticed it when it happened the second time. The world started to look really weird and distorted at the time, and poor Wilson's sanity went really really low. It didn't help that the night was about to start as well, and I had just turned Wilson's dapper top hat into a prestihatitator...
So yeah, that's when all the CRAZY events started in my game!



I did this together with TrebleStudios, she sketched, I drew Wilson, and she drew everything else. It's also based on Miss' comic - she deserves the fanart.



Okay, this is only a quickly colored sketch with some random ideas I came up with when I was bored at work.. I hope you enjoy it either way. ^^"



Aaaaand, that's all so far, now I shall go back to finish some sketches.. See you later!

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Hey, it looks great! Glad you decided to show your face, and welcome to the forums.


Yay! I'm glad you like them! And thank you! =D


hey, welcome to the forum.


Thank you, I'm glad to finally be here =)


noooo, i thank YOU for the funny art, i love the doodle of maxwell with his hounds <3


Waaah! I'm so happy you like it!!! *hugs*

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This art is quite dapper.


Haha, thank you! =D


*hugs back* so, do you take requests?


Not usually. Do you have any specific idea in mind?

I can consider doing it if I run out of ideas myself. ^^

By the way, how do you add a signature? I'd like to have a link to my deviantart page there.

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Haha, thank you! =D



Not usually. Do you have any specific idea in mind?

I can consider doing it if I run out of ideas myself. ^^

By the way, how do you add a signature? I'd like to have a link to my deviantart page there.

On the top right of your page there should be your username. If you click on it and go to settings, there should be a signature option.

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On the top right of your page there should be your username. If you click on it and go to settings, there should be a signature option.


Okay, thank you very much for your help!

Seems that I was too new or didn't have enough posts, so I didn't even have the option to make a signature yet. But now I'm able to do it, so I did! :grin:


Oh my goodness...the dark petals comic makes me laugh. *swoosh* XD


I'm glad you enjoyed it! xD



Now then.. I'll throw in some sketches for your entertainment. or something..! ^^"

These are based on my unpublished story. I'll finish them if I decide to publish the story as well.

I found out that drawing unamused Maxwell is really fun. xD



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Hahaha, this picture looks so random..! xD

Why would Maxwell feed Wilson meatballs, when he is sitting on the throne with Maxwell's coat and a winter hat on..?


I'd love to see everyone's expressions when you see this! ^^

There is actually a story behind this picture, but I'll enjoy your confusion a little before I post it. *evil laugh*


I was unsure whether I wanted to publish the story or not, but now that I have decided the ending, I'm really excited to get it done (even though my english skills are quite lacking for writing stories) =D


Aaah, Maxwell's face wouldn't agree with me no matter what..! He is so hard to draw and hard to write with his complicated face and complicated personality! >_<

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Hahaha, this picture looks so random..! xD

Why would Maxwell feed Wilson meatballs, when he is sitting on the throne with Maxwell's coat and a winter hat on..?


- Copyright Maxwell




Sorry I couldn't help it jk

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- Copyright Maxwell




Sorry I couldn't help it jk


Wahaha! Fight random with random, I love that!

When I play, Wilson barely eats anything else but meatballs during the winter. He must be sick of them by now.. :wilson_ill:


Good art! And welcome to the forums! I made you some cupcakes!


Thank you! ^^

Yay! Cupcakes!!! :glee:




OK THEN! Time for the story! =D

This happens after the ending / epilogue, so expect LOTS OF SPOILERS and WILD THEORIES..!

That, and it's also quite long (and this is just the first part), so I'm going to have it under a spoiler filter thing..


Maxwell's Decision (aka chapter 1)


I had my reasons to come to this place. I wanted to escape that other world, to gain freedom I suppose.. There were other things too, but I've already forgotten most of them. It's been such a long time that all my reasons have faded away, and I've come to understand the harsh truth. There is not such a thing as an absolute freedom.

Well, anything would feel like freedom after spending so many years on that cursed throne. When I was released from its grip and woke up in this wilderness again, I was really thrilled. Being able to finally walk around and do my own decisions is a wonderful thing.

However, there is no longer a reason to stay in this dangerous world. It's time to leave this madness behind.

To escape, this world must be destroyed, and no matter what, I can't do it alone.

Yes, I was able to restrict the shadow realm underground on my own earlier, but that cost me too much. Way too much... There is no way I could live with that a second time.

That's why there is something I have to retrieve.

As much as I hate the idea, I have to go back to that wretched throne again. This time I will not allow it to take me though. No. That's not an option.

Finding a person with the kind of intelligence that would help me with the plan wasn't easy. Letting that kind of potential go to waste would be foolish.

That person was already able to overcome the obstacles of many different worlds, and even release me from that throne.

There is a price for everything though.

That scientist had to take over the throne in my place.

Personally I don't really care what happens to that man. All the years I've spent in this cruel place have changed me, and there isn't much empathy left in me. However, I still need that scientist.

These thoughts in my mind I pick up my my equipment and walk to the teleportato machine.

I need to choose carefully, there is not much I can take, but I'll be needing many things over there.

”There is nothing to lose.” I whisper and activate the machine. This is the door to the last world, the world that I would never want to see again. The shadow arms raise from the ground, and I hear myself laughing coldly at the thought, when they pull me down into their own realm.

The next things I see, are the familiar corridors of ”my world”. I can already hear that detestable music from the gramophone.

Picking up the divining rod, I start to follow the road surrounded by the lights that I built while I lived here.


Finally I reach the room with the throne in the center.

Over there the scientist Wilson Percival Higgsbury is sitting on the dark seat, bound to it by shadow restraints. For a moment I view him from the other side of the room. The scientist is squirming and shaking in fear. He is staring into the distance with wide eyes, and as I walk closer to him he doesn't even look back at me. The man is too scared to speak, and I have nothing to say to him.

I break the cursed gramophone with a kick before I turn around to walk away.

As much as the scientist has suffered, it's nothing compared to what I have gone through. ”Better him than me.” I say out loud.

However, what I'm going to need is his intelligence, ”the power of his mind” that he used to be so confident about. I glance back at him one more time hoping that he is not beyond repair already.

To destroy this world and the dark forces residing in it, I must get rid of the throne first, since that's what connects Them to the world above, and I already know that destroying the throne is impossible as long as there is someone sitting on it.

With the divining rod I could unlock the throne and release the man, but there are two problems with that.

First of all, if I open the lock and let Wilson off, the throne will just capture me instead.

I also need the scientist alive, and that's not going to be easy, since what's keeping the man alive right now is the throne and nothing else. As long as he is sitting there, nothing can harm him, not even cold or starving. If he was released that would change, and all the effects of those things would hit him at once.

People tend to die if they spend months out in the cold with no food, and that's exactly what Wilson has been doing with only the support of the throne. He'd die instantly if he was released right now, and without anyone on the throne, it wouldn't be possible for him to be resurrected, not even in another world.

I check the content of my pockets again, and take off my coat. It's gotten quite ragged during my adventures, but it's still the warmest piece of clothing I have.

I walk back to the younger man. ”Say pal...” I phrase, but don't bother to finish the sentence. For a moment I seem to catch Wilson's attention, but he turns his gaze away quickly.

I feel slightly irritated of his silence but I shrug it off. Being calm is essential when approaching the throne, or else They are going to attack me. I'm not healthy enough to survive their attacks, so I need to be careful.

I lean forward to wrap my coat around the scientist. He stops shivering for a moment and looks up at me with his eyes still full of fear and confusion.

I can't feel any warmth from him, but I know that he doesn't notice the cold as long as he is on the throne.

While I'm at it, I also place my winter hat on his head. ”That doesn't suit me anyway” I say and turn around.

I might as well light a fire around here, I think as I look around. There was probably some firewood back there somewhere, I try to recall, as I walk away from Wilson.

The next room, if you can call it that, has a whole lot of chests. They used to be full of useful materials that I gathered and built back when I used to live here.

Now most of the content has turned to rot. I manage to find some wood, torches, and other items, so I pick the logs up and return to Wilson.

To warm up the man sitting on the throne I light a fire right in front of the seat. Doing all this for him feels weird, but it's necessary.

This will take a while, I think as I sit down in front of the fire. I wish I had a heat stone or something, I complain to myself because I don't like to wait. I'm slowly getting hungry as well.

I made a whole lot of meatballs back at the camp in the last world, so many that I had a hard time trying to carry them all here, but none of them are for myself.

”Say pal, isn't it about time you ate something” I state as I get back up on my feet.

Wilson turns to look at me again with a puzzled expression. He opens his mouth to say something, but it takes a while before he finds his voice. ”Why..?” he finally asks.

”Who cares about that.” I reply and stuff his mouth full of food.

I force him to eat until there is nothing left. ”That should do...” I say, before we return to the awkward silence.

After a while Wilson speaks again. ”What are you scheming this time, Maxwell?” he asks and frowns a little. ”I was pretty sure you were dead.”

”You really think I would just die?” I laugh coldly.

”I guess devils can't be killed then.” the scientist says in a low tone.

”Watch your mouth, pal. I might have just saved your ass, you know.” I comment, but the other man turns his face away and won't answer. ”Fine then.” I bridle, and walk around the throne.

The fire I lit earlier dies out slowly, but the scientist has warmed up just enough by now. It's time to get the man free from the throne.

I need to get far away from the throne, so that it won't replace Wilson with me. Now I'm going to need some assistance from an old friend.

I grab a hammer and destroy the lights from around the throne.

On the throne Wilson can't help but whimper in fear when the area is covered in pitch black darkness. But there is nothing for him to worry about. Not yet, as the throne is still protecting him.

On the other hand, I am in grave danger now.

I take my torch out ready to light it.

It doesn't even take a minute before I hear the familiar hissing voice from the darkness.

”Charlie?” I call out. ”It's me, Maxwell.” I continue, even though I know she doesn't remember me anymore. Or more like she doesn't want to. I can't blame her for that.

I can hear her move swiftly in the darkness, and I take a step back while lighting the torch.

Charlie hisses one more time before moving further away.

It's been so many years since I saw her beautiful face last time. She used to have such a lovely voice too, completely different from the inhuman sounds she is making now.

Sadness and anger start to build up inside me when I think about it. I brought her here, I wanted to make everything perfect, but I didn't know enough. I didn't know that it was impossible to control Them, and in the end it was me who made her this way.

It was supposed to be something amazing, but everything ended up in a disaster. Charlie was turned into a monster, just like those stupid hounds and other creatures. It was close to happen to myself as well, I recall as I look at my hands. They appear almost normal now that I'm no longer bound to the throne. I wish there was a way to turn Charlie back to normal as well, but it's been so many years already that I don't hold much hope for that anymore.  

”It's all Their fault” I growl silently, before I turn my attention towards the throne again.

It's impossible to see what's happening around the throne, since the area is in complete darkness, but I can hear Wilson yelping in fear, and the attacks of Them as They are trying to fight off the intruder.

I know that Charlie will try to kill Wilson, but that's exactly what I want right now.

The throne won't let her hurt the ”host”, and They will definitely attack her.

Since Charlie is no longer human, she won't be harmed by Their attacks, but she'll definitely fight back ripping the throne into pieces.

She won't be caught because imprisoning something like her is impossible, even for the throne.

What I need now is simply perfect timing.

Finally I hear it, the throne retreats underground. I light the nearby trees on fire, fast enough to see Wilson slump on the ground and fall down face first. Charlie vanishes with a hiss.

I can't get near the throne, but to get the scientist out from there I have to work fast.

Without the shadows under my command, most of my magic tricks are only tricks, but that doesn't mean they cannot be used for anything.

After living in this place for many many years, I know how everything works, and moving Wilson is not much harder than getting a rabbit out of a hat.

I work fast and Wilson disappears with a puff of smoke, just to appear behind the stone wall next to me.

Too bad I wasn't able to perform tricks like these when I was young. My life might be really different if I did.

The shadows are growing restless on the other side of the wall, but the throne can't appear unless there is someone to sit on it. I know that we are still in danger though. The shadows will surely search for us and They won't be happy at all, so I lift Wilson up, and start moving towards the east side of the island. The man in my lap doesn't look like he'll live for long, but at least he is still breathing. I'll worry about his condition after we get to someplace safe.

I should have a teleportato machine somewhere around here. I wasn't able to use it for escaping before, it always just brought me back to this place, but with the throne destroyed and the scientist with me, things might be different this time.



That's it for the first part / chapter. Let me know what you think. Is it worth continuing?

Also, feel free to point out any typos or mistakes with grammar, so I can edit it (working on this makes me realize how limited my english vocabulary really is.. >_< )

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is rather funny that Maxwell shuts a bunch of meatballs into Wilson's mouth .

nice improvement you got.


Haha, I'm glad you enjoy! xD


I like to try new styles. Perhaps I'll find a style that is the perfect mix of the art in the game and my "normal" style...


Wilson experiments with science, Maxwell experiments with magic, and I experiment with art..!

I wish I had more time to do these little illustrations though. It's so much fun! =D


Speaking of experiments with art, my friend made me try SAI today (I use Gimp with my art - always, and I'm quite stubborn with that), and while I was testing how everything works this happened:




I don't even know.. I just wanted to try the tools.. xD

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While I'm eagerly waiting for the next puzzle, I decided to draw a little something. I'm too excited and scared to just wait anyway! >_<


And who would be better to draw now than Charlie..! She must be at least as scared as I am by now.


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While I'm eagerly waiting for the next puzzle, I decided to draw a little something. I'm too excited and scared to just wait anyway! >_<


And who would be better to draw now than Charlie..! She must be at least as scared as I am by now.


"You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day"


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(Flowers and Birds IMG)


I don't even know.. I just wanted to try the tools.. xD

Dat Wilson face... Don't mess with it.


While I'm eagerly waiting for the next puzzle, I decided to draw a little something. I'm too excited and scared to just wait anyway! >_<


And who would be better to draw now than Charlie..! She must be at least as scared as I am by now.


Liking this one. We need more Charlies everyone!

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"You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day"



There is a limit to everything..! xD

I'm glad you like it ^^


Dat Wilson face... Don't mess with it.


Liking this one. We need more Charlies everyone!


Yaaaaaaay! I'm glad you like them! ^w^

I agree, I haven't seen much fanart of Charlie, I need to fix that! (she is one of my favourite characters too)

Right now I don't know what to do with all of my feels, so I guess I'll draw some more! >_<

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I won't have much time for art for a month or so, so I'm just throwing some sketches at you for the time being..! xD



Wilson, you are such a mean jerk! But I still love you, you just don't understand art... >_<



This one was based on some of the theories about the Praecantator puzzle (pictures 9 and 10).

People were saying that perhaps Charlie didn't really turn into a monster, but because Maxwell didn't see her escape (and she left her hat behind), "They" somehow made him believe that Charlie has turned into the night monster... I just wanted to sketch something based on that idea. xD



My "Charlie theory" looks more like that.. She will never be human again, she'll be one of the shadow creatures - the night monster. And Maxwell, he'll never see her again...



I just can't stop drawing Maxwell.. I'm obsessed, since I can't get his face to look the way I want to... But this one is pretty close (I'm getting there, yay!) ^^




Also, the story I'm working on, is progressing nicely, I just need to draw an illustration for the second chapter as soon as I have some time... It also needs a proper name. I want it to have something to do with Wilson, since it's his point of view this time. (I want to name all of the chapters separately, but it might be a good idea to think of a name for the whole story as well). If you have any suggestions for the name, or for the scene I should draw as the illustration, let me know. Feel free to point out any typos / bad grammar as well (that would be really helpful) ^^

But for the time being, HERE IS THE STORY!


Chapter 2

I wake up slowly, and it takes a while for me to realize that I'm no longer on the throne, but carried by someone instead. My head is aching and my arms are sore from where I was bound to the throne earlier. In fact, I'm feeling too weak and dizzy to even think clearly.

I look up to see that the one carrying me is Maxwell. Now he is wearing a robe as dark as the night, walking determinedly past the lights that ignite just by his presence. His coat is still wrapped around me.

Maxwell hasn't noticed that I'm awake, and I don't have enough strength to say anything. As confused as I'm feeling, I give in to my weariness and rest my head against his shoulder.


As Maxwell hurries towards whatever it is that he is looking for, I'm alarmed by a strange rumbling noise. When I open my eyes, I discover a shocking scene. The ground around us is grumbling and falling apart. Everything is being drowned in darkness as Maxwell's lights fall into the depths one after another just behind us. I let out a cry of fear.

The puppet master is well aware of the situation, and he is trying to speed up as much as possible. But even so, the destruction finally reaches us, and as the last bit of light disappears with a grumble, I close my eyes, getting ready for the fall into the dark depths.


However, instead of crashing down, we just stop.

I can't see anything in this darkness, but I can tell, that right now even Maxwell is unsure of what to do. He takes a small step and stops again, when the ominous hiss of the night monster echoes through the darkness.

Seems that Maxwell didn't take his torch with him. The night monster hisses one more time before I hear it swoop towards us.


The strike makes the puppet master reel back, and I fall to the ground with a thud.

Something warm dribbles on me, and I hear Maxwell rasp out ”Ow! Charlie! That hurt!”

I'm surprised by the unexpected words, but at the moment, I have no time to think about them. I'm sure the monster will attack again any moment now, and next time it could be my blood that spills on the ground.

Knowing that, I close my eyes and wait. There is no point to fight it. It's better to just give up now. I have suffered enough in this world already.


The monster hisses, and strikes Maxwell again. He falls on his knees, and I can hear the pain in his voice when he pleads ”Charlie! Please remember! It's me, Maxwell!”

At first I only hear the monstrous hissing, but there is something strange about it, and the puppet master keeps talking to the monster. ”Charlie, can't you hear me?! Charlie!”

Suddenly the hissing changes. ”Ma... Maxy..?” asks a hoarse voice from the darkness. The voice is barely a whisper, and it sounds inhuman, but it's definitely speaking now. Surprised, I open my eyes, but naturally there is nothing I can see in this darkness.

I hear the older man search through the darkness with his hands. ”Charlie! Charlie!!! You remember me now!?” he calls with quite a relieved voice.

”Maxwell...” the night monster says slowly, like it hasn't used its voice for a long time. There is a somewhat sad tone in its voice.

”Yes, it's me!” Maxwell says. ”I'm so glad you remember!” he adds with joy.

”What are you doing?” the voice from the darkness asks.

Maxwell's voice turns serious again. ”Hey Charlie, you can see in this darkness, can't you?” he asks.

”Of course.” the night monster replies coldly.

”Is there any way we could get to my machine east from here?” the puppet master continues.

After a moment of silence, the night monster answers ”There is nothing in this world anymore. The piece of ground under your feet is all that there is left. Everything else, including that machine is gone.”

They are both quiet for a moment, before the night monster adds ”There is a large mushtree right below you. You won't find the machine, but you'll be able to enter the caves, if you go down.”

Maxwell sighs. ”I guess it can't be helped, but how do we get down there..?”

”You should be fine even if you jump from this side.” The hissing voice explains with a slightly worried tone.


Before I get a chance to react, a pair of hands lifts me up in the air. I yelp in fear, as the man carrying me leaps down into the unknown darkness.


We hit something that illuminates a little, and crash through it, landing roughly on the ground underneath it.

In its light, I can see Maxwell wiping dust off of his clothes and looking up at the mushtree with a disgusted expression. ”Ugh. That really smells of rot and failure.” he mutters, before turning to look at me. ”Hey pal, you don't look so good.” he greets me, but doesn't sound as taunting as usually this time.

”Ha! You don't look so good yourself!” I say, as I sit up. I'm not feeling so dizzy anymore, but that landing certainly hurt.


The older man is binding his wounds that were likely caused by the night monster earlier. He walks further away, leaving me to sit under the mushtree. ”Charlie!” I hear him call. ”Are you still there?”

A familiar hiss answers him. ”What do you need now?” it asks.

”I want to see you. Please come here and join us.” Maxwell reaches his hand towards the darkness.

”I can't. You know you can't see me.” I hear sadness in the monsters voice. ”I'm sorry Maxwell. I can't come with you. But I'll be watching from the shadows.”

For a moment, Maxwell just stands there silently. ”I have to find a way to turn you back to normal.” he whispers.


The night monster is silent for a minute before answering. ”What would I return to? Is there anything left for me in that world? Is there anything left for me anywhere? It's been decades already, I barely remember what life used to be like.” I listen to their words, feeling both confused and a bit curious.

Maxwell is about to say something, but the voice from the darkness pleads. ”Please, you have to find a way out. But don't worry about me. I... I just can't live like this anymore. It's enough already!”


I can't see Maxwell's face, but somehow he appears very lonely while standing there in the darkness. I don't care about his wellbeing, he never cared about me either, but I'm curious about the conversation he had with the night monster.


Since the man doesn't appear to be returning here anytime soon, I get up slowly, leaning against the mushtree for support. My whole body is still weak from months of sitting on the throne, and I start to shake uncontrollably when I stand up. Even so, one step at a time, I manage to walk to the older man.


”I didn't know you could speak to monsters too.” I say when I catch my breath again.

Maxwell turns around quickly, and nails me roughly against the stone wall. Hand on my throat, he growls ”Don't you dare call her a monster!”

The man regains his calmness, and drops me back on the floor. I cough a little and look up at him surprised. ”Her?” I ask, but Maxwell doesn't answer. Instead, he asks ”Can you walk now?”

I try to get back up on my feet, reaching for the wall for support, but Maxwell grabs me from my shoulders and lifts me up. He stares at me for a moment, before turning around. ”Good enough. Let's go.” he says and starts walking.


I struggle to follow him. There isn't much light anywhere, so I just follow the sound of Maxwell's steps. He is walking slowly, and stops to wait for me, whenever the distance between us grows too long. Neither of us speaks, but I'm starting to feel strangely relieved that the other man is there with me. It must be because of this endless darkness that's making me feel more and more insecure and helpless as we go.

And I know that there are all kinds of creatures lurking in the darkness. The constant noise of wings flapping and feet rustling around us is very unnerving.


It feels like we have walked in the darkness forever. I need to take a break to rest more and more often, and Maxwell is getting impatient. Right now, I can hear his steps faintly, but he is already far ahead, while searching for a safe route.

I wonder if he is still communicating with the night monster. I can't help but think, that it would be very useful in order to find a safe route out of this place. However, I don't dare to call for that monster myself, since all of my experiences about ”her” have been nothing but painful so far. I still have some scars to remind me of how dangerous that monster really is.


I'm getting lost in these thoughts, until a sudden hiss startles me. This one isn't the creature that Maxwell calls Charlie. This sounds completely different.

I notice that my feet are getting stuck in something sticky, and I yelp in fear as the creature leaps onto my shoulder. I feel sharp fangs sink into my right arm with a piercing pain.

Alarmed by my screams of pain, Maxwell rushes to my side. The puppet master slashes the creature from my shoulder with something, and it hisses one more time before fading away.

More hisses can be heard, and Maxwell pushes me out of the way. I can hear him slashing and striking the monsters, until there is nothing but silence left.


”Aggressive little things, aren't they?” Maxwell's voice comments, as he walks back.

I don't say anything, but the man can hear my quiet whimpers. He walks right in front of me, and shoves something in my hands, saying ”You'll need that more than I do.”

I realize that the item is a spear, and get back on my feet, using it for support.

”There is a place with some light just a bit further from here.” the older man explains, and starts walking.

I follow him in silence, paying more attention to my own steps this time.


A bit further in the caves there is indeed some light. It's faint, but after all the darkness, it feels almost too bright for my eyes.

Maxwell stops, and turns around to look at me. I'm grateful for the break from walking, and sit back to rest and catch my breath.


The older man bends down to take a look at my arm. It's swelling a little around the wound.

He sighs, and tears a shred from his winter coat that I'm still wearing. I wince ,when he ties it around my arm.

”Stop that. You are a man, aren't you!” Maxwell says, when I whimper in pain.

”I hate spiders...” I mutter, and look away from him.

He doesn't answer, something else has caught his attention. ”I thought I had lost that.” I hear him say, as he picks something up from the ground. It looks like a sword, but has a somewhat sinister essence.


”We should keep going.” Maxwell says, while looking around the cave.

There is not enough light to see very far, but he seems to know what he's doing.

However, I'm still feeling too tired to continue walking right away. ”Can't we just rest some more?” I complain.

The puppet master looks annoyed by my question. ”If you rest here, it will become your final resting place.” he replies coldly, and walks away. I get up slowly, and follow him.


Now I can see where the light is coming from, and it really catches my interest, especially because I'm starting to get awfully hungry. A strange fruit is causing the illumination, and as a scientist, I'm extremely curious about such a phenomenon.

“Seems safe to me.” I comment, as I take a step closer to the fruit.


Maxwell turns around just in time to see me reach for the glowing fruit. Just when I realize that the ground is moving, he yells “Get down, you fool!” with such an alarmed voice, that I react immediately.

A huge worm-like monster emerges from the ground just as I duck out of its way. Its fangs barely miss my head, but it manages to tear the back of my vest.


Maxwell isn't as lucky. His tall figure is an easy target for the beast. I hear his cry of pain, as the giant monster strikes its teeth into him, and lifts him up into the air.

I gasp when I look up, and see the man hanging from the fangs of the beast. For a moment, his face is stricken with horror and pain, but his body goes limp fast. The sword he had just recovered, falls to the ground with a clink. It was no use against such a sudden attack. I see blood pouring down from his wounds and his mouth. A lot of blood. It's forming little red pools beneath the monster.


I watch these events, paralyzed by fear, unable to even think properly. I just stare at the terrifying monster.

This time my curiosity may have cost just a bit too much...


It's even longer than the first one, so I'm just putting it under a spoiler filter again. >_< 



Tabs made me do this.

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