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  1. No more progress, huh..? Well, since I'm bored, I might try something as well... Whether it makes sense or not. xD Praecantator was crossed out, but there was the word Resumptus instead, so I wrote the word RESUMPTUS and crossed out all the letters appearing in the word PRAECANTATOR. Like this: RESUMPTUS = SUMUS (the left over letters from praecantator were ACANATOR) Okay, so sumus appears to be latin: first-person plural present active indicative of sum "we are." This may not have anything to do with the puzzle, but I found it interesting and fitting: "In the midst of life we are in death" That, and crows are definitely suspicious! Trust me, I know the birds!
  2. This is getting exciting! I'm always ready for new puzzles, even though my usefulness may be a bit lacking. xD
  3. Got my Snow Chester today. He is so fluffy and cute!!!! ^w^ And the blind box brought me a spider with a crow and a mandrake (I thought Spiders were supposed to come with a rabbit, but I don't mind, since crows and mandrakes are cooler anyway! xD ), I really like my little spider! The customs were a bit of a pain, I just paid the taxes for the full (160 USD) price, which was about 40 dollars (poorly converted from euros), and sent the pledge confirmation e-mail instead of an invoice. At least here in Finland that's enough. I don't know if this is helpful for anyone, but this is what I did.. ^^"
  4. Got my Snow Chester today, so fluffy!!! <3

    1. Tamir


      Holy crap Klei are that slow? I thought this Chester thing was over months ago o_0

    2. the truthseeker

      the truthseeker

      Not all of them were shipped yet. Including mine.

  5. Saw Wilson and Wolfgang at Desucon! :D

  6. Got Webber! Yay! :D

  7. Your art style looks cool! I need more of this stuff, so, keep up the good work!
  8. YES! Time to invite some pigs!!! Haha, it's kind of sad that I've only found 2 spider dens from my current game's map (far from any pigs).. I guess they are all stuffed into some tiny isolated island somewhere far away... >_< And I'm too stubborn to start a new game. Oh well, eventually there will be a spider queen. Then I can lead her right to a pig village!!!! *evil laugh* *hugs snow Chester* Haha, I'm so funny! *shot*
  9. So much awesomeness has appeared since my last visit..! Waaaaah!!!! I really really love all of these, you have so cool ideas! I shall happily spam you with likes, when these forums allow me to do so again.
  10. This cave has been dead for way too long..... But now, this thread has been revived - by the power of spiders!!! To celebrate that, have a Webber, and an angry Catcoon! Poor Webber, everything hates him... Except spiders.. I've been desperately trying to unlock Webber in the game, with no luck... >_< For those of you, who don't like spiders, for one reason, or another... Enjoy this picture of Snow-Chester (that I edited from an old drawing of mine)! ................................ Necro.... Wha... What are you talking about?! My thread obviously wears an amulet! See? I'll be back with more - sooner or later..! ^w^
  11. Oh no! Your comics made me fall in love with Webber, and now I'm struggling to get him ingame..! >_< You draw him so cute!!! And the catcoons too!
  12. Awww, Webber looks so sad and worried..! *hugs him* I really really like your recent art, the ideas are great, and the style just keeps improving! Keep up the good work! ^^
  13. Sounds like a great idea! I guess you wouldn't even need the voting system to decide who is the person on the throne, if he / she had to go through some kind of challenges to get there (like in the adventure mode). That would also give the survivors a goal - to get through those challenges and kick the current game master off the throne. xD The point system could work, if done well.. And if all the players had to pick one character that couldn't be the same as some other player has, then there wouldn't be the problem of "multiple Maxwells" (of course, in my idea, the person on the throne could be any of the characters) Just some brainstorming, since I like your idea.. ^^"
  14. Unexpected plot twist indeed! xD I don't know what to think about this. I like Don't Starve as a single player game, but I have nothing against multiplayer either... I'm sort of terrified, but also looking forward to try the new version of the game. At least Wilson won't have to be so lonely anymore! *feeling happy for the poor guy* At least there wasn't a "boring ending". ^^ And I can't wait to see the trailer video, and whatever Klei has to provide in the future - they are always full of surprises!!!
  15. Two people, huh..? I see lots of theories flying around, but all I can think of is Wendy and Abigail (Oh noes, is this how Abigail died?!) Think about this: Maxwell tricked Wilson. Wilson hates Maxwell. Wendy and Abigail are related to Maxwell.. Okay, I don't really like where this is going. I don't think Wilson is the kind of person who'd take revenge on someone's relatives - especially not children. But maybe it was an accident. The portal worked the wrong way after all... ^^" I sense an unexpected plot twist coming!!!!