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I love my Mandrake

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How is it lame? Do you even realize what mandrake soup provides?

Eh, Mandrake Soup might be amazing, but you can make things that are nearly as good with a Crock Pot, and not have to use up a finite resource in order to whip them up. Froggie Bunwiches made with 2-3 Frog Legs and 1-2 (Monster) Meat, or Stuffed Eggplant with 1 Eggplant, 1 Corn/Carrot, and 2 (Monster) Meat, or even Honey Ham with 2 Honey and (Monster) Meat, for instance, will restore 45-75 Hunger and 30-50 Health (numbers approximate), and all you're using up is stuff you can get easily with a few farms and a couple trips to the local swamp.

Of course, if you find 3+ Mandrakes on a world, making a stew out of one for an extreme emergency, and keeping the others around to frolic with might not be a terrible idea. You monster.

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