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Some other objective, besides starving?

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More non-craftable rare generations needed I think. People grind for the shell armors, they would explore for rares aswell. Exploring now allows you to find ice/fire rods no big deal, I could craft them easier than exploring for them. Exploration is getting better but it still needs a push of rare collectibles or something.

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Was this the incentive for wooden thing?

Wow you brought back an old thread! An yes, the pieces were specifically implemented to make people stop turtling as much in their own bases and actually explore more. Same with the adventure mode portal, and now the boons, exploring is really much more worth while than so long ago. :)
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The pungent stench of necromancy is strong in this thread.

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It was indeed a concern for quite a while that there wasn't much incentive to explore once you've settled into a base, and this was certainly not the only thread to bring it up.

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did not know i needed permission...

well, i tried to be funny, since he uses that image in almost all undead threads, but turns out, he doesnt like to play with me. My apologies, if i offended you sir. Edited by All Blue
Being polite dont hurt
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