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  1. well, i tried to be funny, since he uses that image in almost all undead threads, but turns out, he doesnt like to play with me. My apologies, if i offended you sir.
  2. do you have permission to post this image? [MENTION=25886]Lord_Battal[/MENTION] do you gave him permission to use it?
  3. Its wilton i can feel it!
  4. [speech 70] That, proves my point.
  5. [intelligence 8] koh-ah-luh-fuhnt.
  6. What in the world have this thread turned on.
  7. i get it, i loved FMA too much, armstrong was my favorite.
  8. No wolfie art, sadly.
  9. Can Someone Tell Me How This Happened Please?

    I told that monster meat was a killer, but no, nobody listened to me.
  10. nothing. Please emperor popsicle, dont turn me into a undead, by using one of yours warlock spells. well, i tried to be funny.
  11. " you get three cycles of grass per poop " it is in kevin's signature.
  12. Awesome, i used to draw very much when i was younger, most anime themed drawings like: pokemon, DBZ, and saint seya, was the most dapper. But sometimes you get old, people start saying to you get over those children passions, and well, you do start to feel older and when that happens you just dont have motivation at all to drawn anything. Never, and i mean never, stop following your dreams!
  13. thanks, and i am really looking forward for that.
  14. Can you draw a fallout themed wilson?