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  1. On "view page info" the page is listed as a text/html type. But there isn't any visible text on the page. When I disable the website from showing images, still nothing comes. Maybe anybody who knows ANYTHING about html can help me out? I'm sure this is a false idea but this is Klei we're talking about, anything counts.
  2. Please look at the date of threads before posting in them.We figured this out literally months ago and the ending wasn't even out then.
  3. "thares more objectives besidds starfing u can get da woden thign and go!"...
  4. Klei has covered in detail why they want to avoid extrinsic gameplay. They did a test- when they gave early DS beta testers objectives (that didn't reward anything) they ignored all tasks except that one and when they were all done had no clue what to do.
  5. Insanity Puzzle :D

    I hope to ****ing god you're not serious.
  6. Insanity Puzzle :D

    "guise i found somebing!1! if u paus the vidoe at rite time u can c a werd puzzle?! it spells aut MA! coad this be a hnt?"
  7. Wilson is insane; story collection

    I wrote another one if anyone who originally read it remembers.I'll be making another one and posting the pair on dA. Forgot to add one composition there, so I'll do that now.
  8. Xbox 360 Edition?

    If Klei can get this on console, then good for them, but I'm sure it would be a difficult task. Don't Starve doesn't have too complex of a control scheme, thankfully, and the spacebar feature made that a bit easier.
  9. Xbox 360 Edition?

    The Soon thing was for a puzzle. Mouse over the bold letters, they gave us some stuff in the Insanity/Winter puzzle-a-thon.And then we got YOU WILL KNOWand finally Maxwell/Klei/Kevin/whoever added that tag to SOON as a clue of what to do next. Neat, huh?
  10. The wiki is community made, they're using the same facts we are.
  11. I see absolutely nothing interesting at, just two blobs and lines.What am I missing?
  12. William doesn't look confused to me actually. He has eyebrows- they look (at first glance) like part of the scribble, but they make him look like more of a confident scientist than a cowardly man who has given up.
  13. Yeah, I posted before I saw your second post vingw.
  14. Well, it seems like that's just HTML formatting, and nothing signifigant. I'd open the WOFF file if you haven't already vingw, but besides that it's probably nothing.
  15. found in the source code of the page. It also contains a link to a "woff" file but I'm not sure how to open it.When you "select all" and then look at the selection source, you can also find this link: have no clue what significance this has, if any. I don't know a single thing about HTML.