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  1. "thares more objectives besidds starfing u can get da woden thign and go!"...
  2. I wrote another one if anyone who originally read it remembers.I'll be making another one and posting the pair on dA. Forgot to add one composition there, so I'll do that now.
  3. If Klei can get this on console, then good for them, but I'm sure it would be a difficult task. Don't Starve doesn't have too complex of a control scheme, thankfully, and the spacebar feature made that a bit easier.
  4. The Soon thing was for a puzzle. Mouse over the bold letters, they gave us some stuff in the Insanity/Winter puzzle-a-thon.And then we got YOU WILL KNOWand finally Maxwell/Klei/Kevin/whoever added that tag to SOON as a clue of what to do next. Neat, huh?
  5. I hate to be like somebody who doesn't update their blog but I'm really just not in a position to write ATM. Sorry everyone but I promise there will be some... at some point in the future, minimum of a week or so.
  6. NnghI was about to go to sleep and then got super into the writing mood hope you enjoyI made a new one if that's not clear enough
  7. I wasn't insulting you, it's called constructive criticism. I didn't like your writing, and tried to tell you why and how you could improve.Please don't cast me off because I "didn't enjoy this one". I didn't, and I want to explain that. Take it as you will, but I'd appreciate if you don't get defensive about it.
  8. Well, it's a nice way to tell the story, but it seems a little bland. Try spicing it up with words you don't often use, or feel free to make things long! Length is important with this kind of stuff, and I think that the shortness made it seem very non-dramatic.Also, the end is kind of drab. "Then the screen turns black and vanished" took me out of the story, as the rest was being told from a book's perspective- not a retelling of what you saw ala the writing you made.
  9. ...UmYou can tell stories well?Like, you can get the plot across... moderately normally?It's bland as all hell though...There is an enter key, by the way.It makes you go down a line.Likethis.It'ssopeoplecanactually read what you're writing, I mean /oh god/.
  10. And here comes another one. According to a couple of text editors, my stories now total at TWENTY PAGES WORTH Thank you for everyone who has supported! <3
  11. I think the thing with the eyes in the third picture... hm, try making them smaller and not shiny?Other than that, I like the three of them! Gritty, yet still reminding me of Don't Starve.
  12. Three rain stories in a row as a series! Hope to update some more for the next update/update video.
  14. Thank you very much! I do hope to write a book someday, and will let you know for sure. :happypigs:Also, I've been straining trying to come up with a good rain story. Should have one soon, though!
  15. Dankeshon!I've written another one. Hopefully it's long enough, I'm having serious sleeping problems so it's hard to, uherm, concentrate. At all.