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What's your start up routine?

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When you start a new game, what's your routine?

Day 1-2 gather resources and build the basic tools: Axe, pick, shovel. Spear has joined this list since the dogs were introduced. I'm also digging up bushes (but not grass and saplings) to transplant near my camp. All cooking is done at night and pine cones are used for fuel ( I try to keep at least 20 for Optimus Pine).

Day 3-5 find the beefalos and start building farms. Harvest rocks/flint/gold along the way. Usually the stone campfire happens during this time also.

Day 6-7 struggle to find more food while my crops are growing. Build all the tools/traps I need and start killing spiders for silk and meat. My stations are set up and I return to camp in the evening (usually).

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First I discover the entire starting island, collect 20 berry bushes and all the food and berries i can find. I mine stones till i have a full stack of rock, i pick up flint until i ahve a full stack of that (often it doesnt come to that b4 i make my camp) and then im out looking for the beefalo.

My latest camp was at day 14. I couldnt find the beefalo anywhere, until the 2nd last island.

When i build my camp i plant the berry bushes and fertilize them, then collect more manure for farms. While my farms are under construction i live off berries. When i have 4 farms i usually stop. Nice thing about beefalo areas is that usually there is a ton of bunnies too. Never out of food! Yey.

About when i build the spear and the logsuit: im kindof sad that currently u start with all ur tech. I really want to start over over. Instead of starting over in its current form, so i can see what the hounds are like when all u have is an axe and no armor (logsuit needs to be researched right, i think i remember that). Then i hope i find the beefalo b4 i get attacked by the 2nd pack of hounds, who are quite a bit more dangerous than the first pack, the numbers went from 2 to 4. Build a science machine and research helmet or logsuit depending on if i have a pigskin already or not.

Currently with all my tech already unlocked, i just make a logsuit day 1, and a spear whenever the howling starts. im carrying around flint, twigs and grass anyway.

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ATM i have 3 camps one camp by the beefalo, one rabbit farm and my last camp 10 pigman houses mixed in with spiders i like to change camps about every week just to have consistent resources in each of my camps. never know when them hell hounds will show up :p also helps fight boredom

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