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  1. fire is your friend - - - Updated - - - fire is your friend
  2. don't want to say any spoilers but lets just say it takes along time
  3. wilson JR is my new born baby small bird. he took his 1st steps today and he cant wait to go on his 1st adventure. Sadly his brother didn't make it he was to close the the fire R.I.P
  4. would be nice to have a self goal to get 10k spider kills lol xD
  5. yeah thx for the fine tune just wrote down some quick thought Sanity will be awesome
  6. Hello everyone just was wondering why there isn't any type of menu that displays your characters stats. Some examples -steps walked -amount of poop collected/grass/wood ect -amount of trees cut/burnt -fires made - times died - total amount of days survived -rabbits caught -pigs slaughtered -times shaved -pigs hired - rocks mined -crops grown -fish caught -tree man killed -hounds killed -foods cooked (crock pot) - times pig king has been feed - spiders slain the list could go on and on and on. i think an idea like this would really suit this game. all stats would save if you die or could have a delete feature.
  7. ty i'm just trying to think of a way to keep the game constantly fresh i thought this might be a good solution
  8. after a season ends you get a load screen that ill change your world, so every season your land would have a different lay out some seasons you will have more of one type of biome and less of others summer: hot no swamp. new desert spring: more green grass area lots of birds/rabbits wild life ect fall: lots of rain tons of swamp/marsh areas winter: no ideas yet (don't starve) EDIT: posted in wrong section
  9. adding more biomes is a great idea but how big can the don't starve worlds get? would be kinda pointless to have 5 new biomes if you search the whole thing in 5 seconds