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  1. Some *IDEAS*

    I can get behind a sturdy hut. That's not too far off, what with the fact we can build walls. With a roof we could get out of the tent. A nice straw roof or even an earthen roof would be fine.But a dock...why would be need it? Docks are for large ships. I think they mean a pier, because that's doable with wood and rope.
  2. Will flowers grow in the prairie/grass regions of the game?
  3. Pine Guard Vs Hounds

    Just had an awesome encounter with both of these at once. Shortly after the Pine started after me I heard howling, and two hounds came after me. I ran them by the PG, and it resulted in a spectacular double KO fatality (both hound and PG killed each other). I did have to take out the second hound myself. Since I'd already hit the PG, he only had enough life left to off one hound, but I suspect he has enough HP to kill at least two hounds.
  4. Attacking Hives

    Okay, so what's the best method for attacking wild hives without getting mauled/stung by bees?
  5. Abigail Suggestion

    I have a sneaking suspicion that Abigail is related to the sanity stat we don't have yet. I'm betting she's a version of Wilson the ball.
  6. Red Bird= Cardinal

    I've seen folks calling the cardinals "red birds" for awhile now. They're called cardinals.
  7. Setting up beehives

    Okay, what's the best way to do this now? Are we supposed to destroy hives to get the honey? Do we catch bees with the bug net? Do I need a keeper's hat before I even think about it?
  8. Charcoal: How do you get it?

    ! That is a fabulous idea. Does the silk burn?
  9. Seriousely, red hounds....

    Suddenly, everyone loves Willow.
  10. Seriousely, red hounds....

    Okay. Time to build things far apart so the fire won't spread.
  11. Charcoal: How do you get it?

    I never noticed "light" as an option. I never seem to accidentally start forest fires either. Apparently all those Smokey the Bear ads worked really well on me.
  12. How do you get this item? When not playing as Willow.
  13. How dogs have changed my gameplay

    I've noticed they seems to spawn on me after I make a firepit. Should we start building the firepit away from camp now?
  14. I think I'm too reckless for this game

    Remember pine cones can also be used as fuel at an established firepit. I use cones for all my fire pits and have +20 on me at all times. This saves wood in the long run and gives you a way to stop Pine Guardian if he comes after you. Just start planting like mad!