Spider raids.

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I agree. I think adding more monsters would be great. Maybe a spider queen? Wolves? Goblins?

I think the spiders should actually remain untouched. if anything the spiders are more of a pest than an actual enemy, the most dangerous challenge you face when dealing with spiders is clearing them out, attacking a large nest of eggs can easily get you swarmed, and eaten, so you have to choose when and how you deal with them.Perhaps a spider queen spawning in places were there's more than 3 large spider nests? I like the idea of adding wolves as they would suit the Gothic style whereas i feel Goblins would be to 'fantasy'.
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The idea of a larger, tougher spider queen is a great idea. It would allow for increased difficulty, offset by higher rewards. I would like to see a thief like character/monster in the game; something that would steal your craftables, destroy you constructions. Say without the use of to incorporate earlier ideas some sort of fence/obstruction. Maybe even have different levels so one type would steal food if not warded off by a near by fire i.e. a monkey, while another would stomp out fires without a fence up, i.e. a rhino.

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