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  1. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform Chrome Version Number 70864 Issue title The App won't start. Steps to reproduce I don't have to do anything except start the app, and then it won't load. Describe your issue The app just will not start. It doesn't show a loading screen or anything. It just shows the logo. I haven't played the game for a while, so maybe I missed some update.
  2. Odd. Did it say that you did buy it, or does it act like nothing happened?
  3. I have the same problem. The best solution might be to make the pigs only eat rabbit meat if you give it to them.
  4. I'm starting to have a hard time finding flints. Do stones and flints re-grow, or is there a limited supply?
  5. Agreed. The skeletons could be slow, but difficult to defeat and very dangerous.
  6. I haven't actually tried living with pig men. Random encounters would add a lot of interest.
  7. I've been playing Don't Starve for a couple of days. It's an awesome game with lot's of potential! But after you survive for a few day's things can get a little boring as you just do the same stuff over and over. Here are my suggestions for the game (please note that many of these have been suggested by other people and aren't my idea). Monsters: I think that the game needs more monsters. Here's a couple of idea's I have for the current monsters and some new ones. New Monsters -Spider Queen -She could be very difficult to defeat, but have lot's of eggs and other items. -Wolves -Maybe possible to tame with meat, but will also attack the player. -Goblins? - A bit common in other games, but still could be neat. -Trolls -Trolls could be made of stone and be basically walking boulder. -Sea monsters -Just incredibly awesome The monster could have lot's of tentacles -Skeletons -Random skeleton encounters would be really creepy and make surviving at -night more of a chalenge! -Spiders -Spiders should sometimes lead big raids on your camp during the night. This -would make nighttime a lot freakier. Other stuff -Weather and seasons -It would be really awesome to have different seasons during the -game. There could also be snow and rain storms. -Shovels -Shovels should have a bigger role in agriculture, like helping in -planting pinecones. -Fences -As other people have suggested, it would be awesome if it was -possible to build fences to protect your camp. This also fits very -well with spider raids. -Log Houses -This could be neat, but it might detract from the creepy feel of -being stuck outside at night. -Boats -So you could travel between islands. And be eaten by sea -monsters! -Spears -Being able to make simple spears using ropes, sticks, and flints -would be really helpful for hunting any of the creatures in the -game. Maybe it could be possible to throw the spear so you could -hunt crows! That's about all of my idea's that I have right now. I'll keep playing until I think of more
  8. Me too! One possibility would be storing a lot of food in chests so you wouldn't have to scavenge as much during the winter.
  9. I agree. I think adding more monsters would be great. Maybe a spider queen? Wolves? Goblins?