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  1. Best things / Worst things

    Night time is boring because more scary stuff needs to come out at night. : )
  2. Best things / Worst things

    More random danger. More scary monsters..Farms are too easy.. the ability to kill rabbits without a trap is too easy.. my biggest problem with the game becoming boring is once you set up farms, there's little else to do. It's easy mode survival..Which brings me to my second gripe.Pig entourage makes the game too easy.. place those farms near pigs and you can't really *DIE*.Oh.. anti-monster traps would be nice (monsters should roam more). : )
  3. Some ideas

    It would be nice if you could break down a placed item for like 40% of the items used returned.
  4. 10 ideas to think on.

    So far in my game I've survived 30 days.. I can probably survive an infinite number of days so long as I do not explore too much and get caught too far from my 'camp' during the night. I love the game so far and but once you have located a pig town and set up farms there's very little challenge left.My typical run through right now is I use myself plus my pig army to gather resources and wipe out spider nests during the day and retreat to my camp at night. I really don't need to really do anything during the day except live off my meat farms and have enough fuel to keep my camp fire going at night.I think the game should get progressively more difficult as you play, there should be more threats as the game goes on, the map should become more dangerous.. more monsters (especially at night) should roam. More randomness in general would be nice.
  5. More monsters, and other awesomeness.

    Yes. Creepier the better.
  6. [Traps] Not worth it?

    I find that when you have a following of pig men the only way to actually manage to acquire rabbit meat is with a trap since the pig men will eat any meat they find and will eat it immediately. Otherwise yes, traps are quite useless.Obviously if they were to remove the ability to catch rabbits without a trap, they would become quite useful.Also I feel you should be able to trap birds with traps/berries.
  7. More monsters, and other awesomeness.

    I'd like to see some undead stuff, since the game is a bit gothic. I've dug quite a few graves but never seen a spirit (most are empty.. only received an "amulet" once). Do they even exist?
  8. Surviving forever.

    Seems like the easiest way to survive is to settle in with a pig man community.. they provide you with easy farming and protection. There should be something to mix it up.. or pigs shouldn't spawn in large communities. A pig man army is easy mode, otherwise the game can be quite challenging.I agree there should be random encounters to mix it up a bit.
  9. Items Spawn in Inaccessible Areas

    Yes. Items seem to spawn in the water near the coast some times. It's rare but it happens. Next time I see something on the coast I will try to rotate the camera but I am able to click on the object but I cannot path to it, it's just 'stuck' outside of where my character can reach.
  10. Spider raids.

    I'd like to see more danger / enemies personally.
  11. So far I've noticed that items (twigs, carrots, trees, ect) have a tendency to spawn in inaccessible areas in between the edge of the land and the water. Also I've seen items generate on top of the pig king which was also inaccessible (a carrot.. and the carrot graphic jumped up and down randomly on the screen).