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  1. I like the overall concept, but there's paper in the game. What you are suggesting to do would become something of a core mechanic; a mechanic that seems a bit overly complicated based on the current direction of the game, and doesn't take into account an existing feature of the game, and how you would utilize/combine the two features into a nice little synthesis. I like the sack idea in particular, and the idea of a cooking pot. The "Fading" idea is a little unnecessary and could be simplified by just utilizing the existing % based item wear/durability system. I'd like to see milk in the game just because to do that you would have to do some sort of beefalo domestication, but I think that takes away some of the survivor aspects of the game and turns it into a fancier Farmville style game. Dye is honestly one of the cooler things depending on how else you utilize it in game, but mostly for cosmetic purposes like clothes dye, just to add a bit of uniqueness to the game, those sorts of things are always a nice touch. Some really cool ideas, keep'em coming. ^_^
  2. O.O They could steal your melee weapons if you hit them with it, that'd be boss. Maybe make them flammable, but they explode too, after a while. Yes, that is what I would love to see. You could even make it more dangerous by putting harvestable [for crafting/lighting sources] gas pockets in the swamps that catch fire/explode too!
  3. Surviving forever.

    Agreed. Besides Yeti's are silly, but the only other example I could think of off the top of my head was a polar bear. But it'd still be interesting to see the DEVs implement something like that and put their own flair on it, my head is still trying to absorb having a pig as a member of your entourage and a possible sandwich at the same time. ^_^
  4. I like to see them do something a little different and have swamp monsters. ^_^Boats and sea monsters would be one of the coolest things ever! But I can't think of how you could get around them. This doesn't seem like the type of game where you'd have giant undersea battle with an octopus with a snorkel and goggles on, but other than that I just don't know how you could avoid/defeat them.
  5. Some ideas

    There could be different implementations for each trap. Carrots for Rabbits, seeds for crows. Traps have a huge possibility right now, and it'd be great on how to better use/evolve them. Next level after the box traps could possibly be snares, use ropes and a picked clean sapling, this one could be reusable and would just require a certain upkeep and so many uses before another needed to be made. At first I thought that was actually where that was progressing but traps just end at the box one for now. The water idea would be cool too, having to keep trekking along until potable water is found could give the game a huge boost towards the need for exploration. I know when I first started playing I just made a permanent camp, set up a farming system and just stayed put for the most part. I wished the science machine was more intuitive: instead of just giving you a certain number of science points you would need to add certain craftables into it and when a high enough research value was reached, you would give it some paper and then it would give you a design. That way there's a huge boost in discovery and it's not just looking at a crafting menu box and saying, "Well, this and this provide that outcome, so I need this number of science points. It's a personal preference that would make the game more fun for me.
  6. Spider raids.

    The idea of a larger, tougher spider queen is a great idea. It would allow for increased difficulty, offset by higher rewards. I would like to see a thief like character/monster in the game; something that would steal your craftables, destroy you constructions. Say without the use of to incorporate earlier ideas some sort of fence/obstruction. Maybe even have different levels so one type would steal food if not warded off by a near by fire i.e. a monkey, while another would stomp out fires without a fence up, i.e. a rhino.
  7. Surviving forever.

    Why not incorporate with the seasons seasonal monsters. Something like Yeti's or something in the winter that steal your supplies, some sort of carnivores in all seasons; Lions in summer etc. This would allow some additional items in game that could be used for crafting and would make it intuitive while adding some difficulty to the game.