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Shadow's Horrible/weird Don't Starve Fanart parodys and such...

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post-6893-13764595182044_thumb.jpg My avatar as Wilson!post-6893-13764595182634_thumb.png Wilson doesn't wash hands, or treat his food with respect!post-6893-137645951828_thumb.png Tea can heard all the animals!post-6893-13764595184022_thumb.png This one has nothing to do with Don't Starve, I just wanted to draw Morgan Freeman.post-6893-13764595184937_thumb.png Poor, Poor mandrake, he wanted to be a carrot.... and I'll add the last one in the comments because it can't fit...But these are my semi-terrible/amazing drawings I made on Ms paint and on drawing paper.Maybe more soon, but right now I can't really draw good. It's not the right time to draw... comment about them.And yes they are huge and horrible...
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Nice quotes btw. Your goals are like mine.

139 138 more posts, 6 more reputation and a lot more patience drawing... then my goals will be complete!

Out of all these goals... I have the highest doubt on the art badge, haha! Then again, once school is out... I'll have plenty of time to draw!

Oh... wait... volunteer hours...

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I'll try, I had the same idea though! except without the lobster! but that seems better so yes! nice profile picture btw

- - - Updated - - -

If I got time today i'll make that too.

thank you, at this point i thank willette for this epic profile pic
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