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  1. After what seemed like forever Whyte fell out of the portal. "Ow.My head.I thought I was gonna die in there.That must've been at least two months," Whyte muttered glancing around at the new world he was in."This looks like my game, Don't Starve." (I hadn't been on here in forever and just started going back on the forums so I made up with it by reading every single post and then making it seem like a long time in the wormhole.)
  2. Murder Part 4 *SPOILER ALERT* "Where are you Maxwell!I'm only here to kill you!" Wilson yelled into the second world of darkness. "I'm everywhere," said Maxwell's voice from behind."And nowhere at the same time," the voice now in front of him. Wilson charged forward aimlessly untill he found Maxwell in his chair. "I want them all back.Even Abigail," Wilson said, his anger making his voice tremble. "How cute.Even Abigail.Here you go." Maxwell said in a cold voice. Suddenly graves started opening.Out of everyone walked a character.And Abigail, who looks like Wendy except slightly taller and has light brown hair.They all ran straight at Wilson. "Why...the...hell...ARE YOU FIGHTING ME!!!!!!"Wilson yelled gasping for breath while Wolfgang, WX-78, and Woodie in beaver form bashed at his skull. Maxwell stood up out of his chair. "Poor thing, in so much pain, while I suffer nothing.But you need to suffer more!" Maxwell said snapping his fingers causing all the characters to disappear. "Hallucinations?" Wilson muttered.Maxwell came over and kicked him square in the face.The pain caused him to pass out.When he awoke he was badgered by everybody."YOUR ALIVE!ABIGAIL!" Wilson bellowed and hugged Abigail and everybody else. "Do you remember now too?" Willow whispered to Wilson.Yes Wilson mouthed and fell asleep.
  3. I haven't been here in forever.I'm going to start writing stories again!(Oh and just so you nkow I needed to train for this thread necromancy for a month) Murder Part 3 *SPOLIER ALERT BECAUSE I COULDN"T FIND A SPOILER BUTTON* "After years and years of being tormented by Maxwell, I will kill him!" Wilson muttered to himself in a world of endless night."I will have my revenge for killing all of these people." So Wilson trecked off into the world.Only an hour later he found himself face to face with a clockwork rook and some knights.The rook had a charge directly at him but Wilson jumped out of the way.He jumped in front of the knights and danced, making the rook angry.Once again it charged but this time Wilson jumped on the rook.It smashed the two knights and thought it had killed Wilson.Then a spear dropped into his eyes and before it was dead the rook knew he hadn't killed the strange man entering it's world. "Stupid robots,with their stupid urge to kill, and that stupid stupid Maxwell," Wilson yelled for probably the thousandth time.Then he saw a checkerboarded floor.HE ran past the clockwork minions and put all the parts onto the Wooden Thing. "Checkmate," Wilson grinned as he teleported to the next world.
  4. (Sorry I was on a trip that was quite long indeed.)Whyte looks to see his boomerang but also sees an eerie light from around the corner.He peeks around the wall and sees a portal."I doubt father will even notice that I'm gone," and Whyte hopped into the portal.
  5. Whyte starts throwing up all over the floor.He starts forming black bumps and they form the shape of a much taller person.Whyte suddenly becomes Maxwell.
  6. Whyte wakes up.He coughs a few times and then sneezes.He voice sounds horse and stuffy. I feel like I'm sick.
  7. that was so 1 year 11 months and 26 days ago
  8. The names Whyte.I'm only twelve years old and I can turn into a mythical deer!Whyte smiles and then gets back to the food.
  9. Whyte wakes up not moved. Anybody got anything to eat?Oh wait, I do! Whyte sits up and starts eating berries that he found before he passed out.
  10. Whyte jumps near the beefalo while a zlatorog and changes into a human in mid-air.Whyte hits a beefalo and the beefalo kicks him in the stomach.Whyte crunches up holding his stomach. A twelve year old can only take so much.Hey guys. Whyte gets up still holding his stomach. I found a skeleton.Come check it out.I feel light headed. Whyte passes out on the floor right before your eyes.
  11. Murder Part 2"I remember it all now.Even Woodie.He was a lumberjack who had just moved into town.I'm going to kill Maxwell for what he's done," Wilson decided.So Wilson gathered all he needed.Shell armor, staffs, amulets, food, magical items, Chester, a piggyback, a tentacle spike, and he was off.Wilson found much more on the map that he never knew about.Eventually he came to a chess board-like terrain."I've never seen this before,' Wilson whispered to himself.A plasma ball came directly at Wilson but he ducked under it.Two clockwork bishops attack Wilson.The fight ended with two dead bishops.Then he spotted the big door that he had created.Wilson entered the door and had Maxwell tell him it would be more of a challenge.
  12. NOOOOOO!Don't get into relationships.It makes the others feel lonely.Gah!You are... a kinda cute couple.I'm a go hunting.Whyte changes into a Zlatorog and hops away.
  13. I don't know but we may as well try to fight it.Warrick, tell me where it is and I'll punch it.For example: punch left, six o'clock.Now let's fight.OOC:We're all here.
  14. Whyte is incredibly confused by what happened. WHAT WAS THAT!