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  1. Who created WX-78?

    he was built by a man named Woodrow
  2. I pronounce it the same way I pronounce Koala and the last part of elephant.
  3. Huh. Well, that's sort of like my blood magic idea.
  4. "This is battal, rainbows make me cry! Over!"
  5. I think Abigail should be summoned via blood magic. That is my suggestion.
  6. draw a ninja piggeh:wilson_ninja:+
  7. Vinny's Crappy Gallery!

    These are great(hehehe:devilish:)
  8. How to Draw Stuff

    Why is he covered in dragon balls?
  9. Two P's garage

    Wilson is terrifying
  10. Spaz's pigmen shenanigans

    Make Pig-gang. NAOW
  11. wait, what? please?
  12. Planning the next update

    Here are my suggestions: Willow: Remove "starts fires in dark" and let her light flammable objects without a torch or fire staff. WX-78: Remove some of the negative effects of certain foods. It's a robot with a chemical engine, not a human with a stomach. All that matters is that it's organic matter. Wickerbottom: She's good for early game, not for late game. Maybe she could have some tier 3 craftables specific to her. And finally, Wendy: There are plenty of things that need to be done in order to make Abigail more useful, but before they do any of them, they need to make her appearances more predictable. Most (including the developers) have suggested summoning her at the cost of some sanity, but to me that doesn't make sense. Why would Wendy lose sanity from resurrecting her twin sister? No, it should take a portion of her health. Wendy cuts her wrist, and Abigail rises from the ground. blood magic, essentially.
  13. Slightly realistic Wilson

    I fear no man... ...but that thing... it scares me