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Interesting Map

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I know I saw someone talking on forums about how it'd be nice to have a single island... For those who may agree, here you go!:


I've only had four generated worlds, including this one, but this is the only one that didn't have bridges!

It took many days to traverse the whole outside. The land mass was so large, it extended to the dark breeches of space! I guess the world is flat.. take that science!



This world was a bit buggy, some things have been mentioned before (like objects spawing off the island) others I still have to look to see if they've been reported.

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If there was perhaps a troll on the bridge you had to defeat they might be interesting. Seriously though I start a new game gathering the bare necessities to survive a couple nights, then I head off to find out if I have a map worth spending time on or do I need to reroll.

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Yup, thats exactly what happen when the Islands overlap too much. I would like something in between. Or maybe octagonal islands that have their edges against eachother. That way no content is lost.

Or as somepne mentione, something going on on the bridges to make the walks more interesting. Or just make the bridges shorter. much shorter.

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I don't mind bridges... but I would like it if in the future we had another means to travel between islands other than bridges, like say by raft or boat. I think it would be fun if we could explore the open waters in search for another island, and then land upon its beach to explore what hidden mysteries await you there. Obviously we would also need beaches. ;)

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I wouldn't want to reroll. I feel like it'd be a waste to start a few days, then reset.:( Also I agree that it adds to the game: who knows what you'll get. And the bridges do add more planning! When I've had a long one I had to make sure I was prepared for it and left at the right time to get to my next campfire/base. Though it'd be cool to have an obstacle to overcome for some of them, it may be a bit difficult for the first one if your island doesn't have the right resources :/

I would love to see control on map size; if I want a large map I could go with it, with or without bridges perhaps (or do seeds like others have mentioned). Same if I wanted small!

And, while I don't feel like I explore neatly, and it doesn't really show with my screenshot... I have a compulsion to go back to parts that were unexplored, no matter their size, to complete the map. When I'm just running around, it's pretty messy!

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I'm quite lucky! I don't remember my very first world, but I hated my second world so, so much. 3 tiny islands, connected by bridges. And they don't have swamps. A grassland, a forest area with a pig camp and a rocky island with spiders. And rocks of course. And quite a lot of trees. But I LOVE the world I'm in now. It's a rabbit land! :D So safe. And there are 3 mandrakes, 3 beehives, 2 beefalo camps, one spider infested and there's another spider area near rocks. And there are 3 ponds, 3 tallbird eggs, 2 pig camps, one with the king. :D And graves too. Oh there's a bug, where there're several rabbits surrounding a PILE of manure, yet the bunnyholes and the beefalos are far, far away from it o_O Here's a picture! (played on chrome)

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