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I dont get it how do you safe and load the game? I know there are autosafes so the game said it saved in the morning i pressed new game choose wendy ( i played with her) bam all my progress gone? the xp is saved but my character with all the items? P.S. im on steam

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The game doesn't have separate save-files.

In other words: if you click on new game/new world, your saved game gets erased and a new one gets created...

PS: don't die!

so basicaly you cant save? ive heard people who survived for 50 days that means you have to play all day lol :D

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I kinda think it sucks that you can not save in a more conventional way, I mean perhaps its like the designers intention to do it this way so fair enough.

But to me its like playing a game say like Resident evil for 6 weeks always just making it to a save point, but instead of feeling a little safer when you return to the game you know that you may as well not even have any files saved at all if a tiny mistake happens.

It sucks

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