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  1. I like how the game makes you think and be patient if you plan to survive for any extended period of time.Also this game's amazing fanbase.Also jackalopes.
  2. Pissing off a bee hive. Literally the first time I died was on the first day. My following runs weren't much better, either.
  3. Day 30-something. Every time I die it is because of my own greed. By that I mean risking my fragile little life trying to acquire silk from nature's spider grinder, the Tentacle. And you'd think I would have learned my lesson and would wear some armor. But no. Every time I die. That is how.
  4. The random generation of the next update looks more like my kinda taste - everything looks compact and easy to get to. Thing is, each area looks farther apart, so it kind of forces me to venture out. That actually sounds like a good cure for what I like to call perfect world syndrome.
  5. I have a bad habit of constantly making worlds and searching for the perfect world, one where I have beefalo, pig towns, plenty of rocks to mine, and a forest, all within one island on the map. Unfortunately, I typically die at around day 15. I get sick of restarting my game on the same world over and over again, and so I start a new world, travel around to the next island, and if I don't like what I see, I start a new world immediately. I need to kick this habit, so tell me, what have your worlds been like? Have you need to travel far distances for simple necessities? Also, most importantly, how would you recommend I start a new game, because I also tend to confine myself to a small area, not daring to venture out any, all because of my concern for the positioning in my world! Maybe I just need some words of encouragement. Any suggestions here? And this isn't the only game where must live near a "perfect world," so as you can imagine, this can become quite the burden.
  6. Now that I think about it, a volcanic/lava biome does sound like a great addition to the game. Another more simple route would be to have rocks wash up on shore, but not only am I unsure as to whether or not that is possible, it isn't as fun, either.
  7. *Cough* Terraria *Cough* But seriously... A creature along the lines of a rock golem would make more sense, I mean there are tree creature things after all. Maybe a molten meteor rock golem creature from space would work. Or something.
  8. If you have the game on Steam, make sure that you have Steam Cloud enabled, because before I had it activated my game wasn't saving either.