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More Item Border FX for food modifiers

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Recently, as of the Host of Horrors update, Acid Rain has gotten new FX. Namely, acid is seen visibly burning items in your inventory!

Not only does this look very visually pleasing to me, it also does a lot to inform the players that their items are being affected.
Visually pleasing, and informative!

I would like to see this philosophy used on more mechanics like this!

Several mechanics in-game directly affect items. Wetness is one, and it has a blue border.
However, some more vague ones could use borders or FX too, like spoilage modifiers!

I'd love it if foods that are directly being affected by the temperature/seasonal modifiers have subtle colored borders to indicate so.
This would also help showcase that not only are seasonal modifiers a thing, it'd also show that the Ice Crystaleyezer is applying them, as well. Since it does!
The borders could have small subtle seasonal visuals, nothing too eye-catching, though, like a frosted or heated border.

On top of the seasonal modifiers, some foods actually modifier the temperature of the player! The notable examples being Chili and Ice Cream. I feel their effects may be a bit obvious or straight forward, but it doesn't hurt to show it off, either.
Their inventory icons could have a glow to them, coming from the food rather than the border to indicate that they're outputting their temperatures, rather than being affected by them. On the floor, they could either retain said glow, or have subtle FX like warmth lines, and frosted air.

Now, I suggest this one in particular, since I feel it's super obscure, and super hard to know it even exists without either being told, or digging through the cold!
'Fresh from the crock-pot' heat is a thing! I remember first finding this out ages ago, being totally surprised it existed.
Apparently, some foods other than 'temperature' foods can give heat too, but only if freshly picked from the crock pot.
Being placed in a fridge, or being left outside will slowly lessen the heating effect, down to nothing.

This is an entirely invisible effect with no real way to notice or track if the effect is still going or not! I think giving those foods a minor heat glow would help showcase it, alongside some fresh steam popping out of the Crock Pot, even.
One example is the Eggplant! Once it comes out of the crockpot, it gives off heat for a short while.

Now, with that said, I'm aware a good chunk of people know about some of these, but I imagine a greater chunk might not. Plus, I can never turn down more opportunities to teach players about some of the more obscure/hidden aspects of the game without smooshing it in their face. Thoughts?

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7 minutes ago, gamehun20 said:

Applying this to the rot effect of the toadstool spore cloud could also do wonders and it looks neat , me thinks

Grah! I thought I got them all, good catch! A puffy green border might look nice indeed.

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I think I suggested earlier about food temperature to be or feel more relevant than it's been. Maybe putting food near fire or stuffed in a fridge to alter it's temperature state. Though I love idea of actual indicators on food but I'd hope for it not too look too clutters. Maybe change the inventory border of that food if they are affected by some elements.

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Good idea, perhaps add similar borders to spores in mushlights/glowcaps with enlightened crown shards to show that spoilage is stopped? Something light blue-ish, to indicate it's from the lunar item and that the color is cold, signifying it's stopping the spoilage.

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