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Hi, I'm a veteran of the game that lately has started playing with a group of 5 players who only just started and another group of 5 that completed the surface, Caves and is now exploring for the first time the Ruins.    

We downloaded the new Host of Horrors update and noticed immediately the new "question mark" notification bubbles.  

It seems a bit too invasive. My players (myself included) feel that the game has become a bit too cluttered, as one of them says "Don't starve feels now a mobile game". It also ruins the aspect of exploration as they notify the points of interested outside of the explored or visible map. They're very dissatisfied with the update.

Klei, is it possible to add an option to hide it, like the scrapbook alert? I would be very grateful. 

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its only going to happen once for each object, and it doesn't really tell you anything particularly meaningful other than the thought that something can probably be done with a thing. It's... standard for open world video games, really. Moonstone kind of needs it, badly, anyway.

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1 hour ago, Milordo said:

Klei, is it possible to add an option to hide it, like the scrapbook alert?

Idk if they will add it, but in the meantime, if you examine the point of interest, it'll be added to your scrapbook and will never show up again.

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On the contrary @Primalflower it does tell you too much after you click on the question mark, spoilers ranging from loots and descriptions that are general and not always helpful. I guess with "Moonstone" you're talking about the Moon altar? I assure you that not only I, in blind, did it, but many others too. It's not obscure at all. 
It's more well done than many people give credits for. Ancient fuelweaver quest on the other hand...

Unfortunately the problem stands @lakhnish. Even if it is for just one time, that time is detrimental in a blind run. Not only it spoils and guides you forcily outside the map, but consider harsher and far more difficult levels such as Caves or Ruins. People can't go up and down with ease and need to do a lot of pause to recover stats,resources, ecc... so having a "bubble notification" all the time is annoying for them. I have literally 10 new people as proof, and more on the way, dissatisfied with this new feature. They are not encouraged, not interested by this new fuction. They're annoyed and want to remove it as fast as possible as an AD or pop-up on the internet. 

I'm not against the feature, on the contrary. This is how you should welcomed new players, compared to the atrocius skill tree... I would have welcomed the feature, in another form, but as it stands, the scrapbook has a lot of problems, too much, and this is a new one in the list. It shouldn't force the players to go in a direction. They should've just updated the scrapbook so that people will check it out by themselves. The new feature is still being worked on, that's why I'm asking if it is possible to have an option to hide it, as the alert notifications, or if it's coming already. 

Can you imagine how harassing the scrapbook would be without it?

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