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  1. Hi, In case you wanted one, In an intense digging fest, i totally overlooked the powergeneration of my oxygen .... resulting in huge amount (just round it up to 100% it was close enough) carbon dioxide poisoning. Not to mention food shortage as well. Okay, i tried to talk that one down, it was starvation for the whole crew. Lucky for me, I had one medical cot for the four stricken ONI's (four of nine ... just coincidence, really.). Although the remaining ONI's were severly hampered ... they were ready when the need called and stayed awake during the night, I should i say, the noise kept them awake, so they did what needed to be done to get rid of the noise ... drag their friends to the medical cot before collapsing themselfs under the lack of Oxygen. With 29 seconds on the clock to get the first patient, Ellie, onto the medical cot, it was actualy quite a race to get Ellie there asap. Ofcourse, the first thing I did was press the spacebar to pause the game. Trying to figure out what to do. 29 seconds, with the text, If you do not bring this ONI to medical care, she will die. Those short 29 seconds with an unconscious ONI and her other crew sleeping in bed. If you never used the Alarm, it feels like quite a feat to discover you can scream the crew out of their cots to rush those 29 seconds first to Ellie than to the medical Cot. Followed up by a drill to correct my oversights (again). Oxygen, Power for Oxygen, Food, Power for Food, a special oxygen pipe to the medical cot ... That little fresh air there. Who would have thought medical places require that ... Ah well, than the game started to come up with a bigger challenge. It got interrupted and generated a save file for the programmers. In case you guys (devs) wanted to know what happend ... here you are. And for you guys ... Pwwooop ... have fun.