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How Different Don't Starve Characters Would Play Chess

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I don't know why I had this thought but I did. This is how I think the different Don't Starve Characters would play Chess.

Wilson - Wilson would take forever to do his turn as he tries to plan it out. When he does finally move his piece it would immediately get knocked out by the other player. For example Wilson takes forever to move a bishop and then the other player just immediately knocks it out almost without even thinking and with no consequences.

Willow - I feel like Willow wouldn't take the game seriously. Willow would probably question the logic of the game. She'd probably ask why they can't just burn down the rooks and other side to win. Other than that I'm not sure.

Wolfgang - Wolfgang would act like he knows what he's doing but has no idea. He would probably also slam the board with his piece whenever he puts it down.

Wendy - Wendy would question the rules especially the if a pawn gets to the other board than you can revive one of your fallen pieces. For... Obvious reasons. Maybe Abigail would give her advice as well.

WX-78 - WX-78 would calculate the best possible strategy and stick to it the whole game. He would also probably question the logic of the game. 

Wickerbottom - Wickerbottom would decimate the competition. She would probably be the best player out of everyone. No explanation needed.

Woodie - Woodie himself would be terrible at the game but Lucy would constantly be giving him suggestions that end up in him winning.

Wes - Wes would have the most horrible luck when it comes to the game. He would also have trouble remembering the rules but he can't ask either.

Maxwell - Maxwell would be one to talk up all about how he's played this game for so long and that he has spent years practicing only for him to get frustrated with the game when he loses. Maxwell would also probably only ask Wilson to play with him just because he knows he can beat him. Then the small times Wilson does beat Maxwell, Maxwell gets very upset.

Wigfrid - Wigfrid would probably be very dramatic whenever anything happens. When she knocks out the other players piece she would probably motion the pieces to make like a battle where she comes out on top. Then when one of her pieces is knocked out she would be very dramatic about it and tell the piece that it was a fierce warrior or something. Etc.

Webber - Webber would be able to play the game but I think he would be forgetting the rules. He would always be asking mid game about them and he also might forget how the different pieces move.

Winona - I think Winona would be very good at Chess. She would probably make the fortifications and do all sorts of protective strategies to keep the king alive.

Warly - Warly would distract the other player by putting a plate or bowl of food by the game so that the aroma would be lingering around the board. The other player would be so distracted by how good the dish smells Warly could win.

Wortox - Wortox would probably be really good at the game. He would also probably cheat by turning the board over and bringing his pieces back up. I bet Wortox would chuckle whenever someone did there turn just to make the person question themself.

Wormwood - Wormwood would be the person no one would want to play with because he doesn't understand the rules and is always so confused. Sad but probably true.

Wurt - I think it would be funny if Wurt was taught by Wickerbottom on how to play the game so she is able to do almost as good as her. People would doubt her skills when they play against her but she would be able to decimate.

Walter - Walter would probably refer to some sort of chess strategy book so that he could find all of the coolest strategies. Whenever he would use one of the strategies he would probably be all smug and very "Yep I just did that, no big deal".

Wanda - Wanda would be good at chess while also forgetting some of the rules. She would probably try to remember herself. Also maybe she would turn back time just after one of her pieces was knocked out so she could prevent it.

The End! I know what your thinking. Where's shipwrecked and Hamlet characters? Where's Charlie, Pearl, and the Trade Inn Guy among other NPCs? I know I didn't forget them. I was wondering what you all think they would play like! (Especially Shipwrecked and Hamlet because I've barely played those). Do you also think one of the ways I described the character is dumb? Suggest how you think they would play!

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4 minutes ago, Squidyfoo said:


Woodie - Woodie himself would be terrible at the game but Lucy would constantly be giving him suggestions that end up in him winning.


100% accurate. 
Man can barely understand how most of the pieces strategically move around. 

- white knight chess trinket.
-white rook chess trinket.

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If I'm not mistaken Maxwell were high opinion of Charlie's chess skill. I'm also think she'll play only black figures. Her strategy is to fool and manipulate the opponent.

Warly would probably try to eat enemy's knights first of all. He'd probably try to make forks as much as he can.

Woodlegs is cheater and does bets. However, I don't think he know how to play. Imagine him playing with Wormwood, Woodie or Webber and telling made up rules to win.

Wilba is the future queen, she probably know what the chess is? Or it's just ugly dolls for her.

WX plays like bot.

And Wanda is chess rusher: makes her moves very quickly and plays only with timer.

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7 hours ago, Squidyfoo said:

Warly would distract the other player by putting a plate or bowl of food by the game so that the aroma would be lingering around the board.

Maybe unintentionally but I think Warly would try to play fairly otherwise

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