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Meatballs need spaghetti

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Strange converstation between two silent characters. Or it's monologue.

There aren't correct translations of Wes story but probably:

"Hello! Let me tell you a short story. Once I was at an utter bottom, so much so that I had to use my acting talent and pretend to be a lion in order to be fed at the local circus. The  clowns immediately recognized me as the king of animals, so I soon became the star of the program. I had to put on a funny costume and "growl" along with a proud lioness, jump into burning rings and receive cradles from the strong men. And all this for the sake of a piece of meat from an ugly jailer and an uncomfortable kip in the corner of the cage. I felt like they were just mocking me and pretending to see me as a lion. At night, worries about the deplorability of my situation seemed to devour me, but later it turned out: it was just a hungry lioness chewing my hand. Only then did I notice her protruding ribs and sad eyes. She must have been thinking about her home in Australia and the delicious penguin meat she never got to taste again. This look could devour me faster than the lioness herself, so I decided to escape with her from jester's prison. When we almost left the clown halls, tamers and strongmen surrounded us. At a loss, I began to dance the robot dance as a distraction. But they grabbed me with shouts: "Catch the lion, forget about mime!" The real lioness managed to slip away, and I had to monkey around for another six months, until I had a chance to leave. Although now I understood that people saw me as a lion."

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