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Spear is a very fun weapon

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I like the hammer more. Even if you just do one combo. It does a lot of dmg + splash and in the air you can doge a lot. 
For me the hammer is the better choise, than the spear, the cannon, well i dont know jet, but the missing doge feels like a huge down, even with the high range. 

but over all i like the gameplay and yes, some more combos would be great, but they may come in the future. So far its very fun <3 

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It's your play-style. I love hammer and cannon because AoE much damage. Smash, smash and smash! Spear is okay, much damage against one or two targets, dash attack is fun, but too low damage. Strikers looks fun, but i don't know. I always use focus hits most. Focus hits is key to win the game.

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