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Unfitting Animations

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Time to bring this up again (as another weird thing got added to the list) !

DST has tons of cool animations and it's just unfortunate they're not used accordingly to fit certain contexts, here is a few examples :


0.thumb.png.259daa4b1151a66aed6ef9b5220869ec.png Making an offering to the sky ? > > > 3.thumb.png.94e787f6400eb435fe4106b5217acb41.png

While sites have specific button strings, they all share the same high up construction animation which was of course fitting the Celestial Portal being the first and only site before others arrive looong after... introducing specific animations such as the standard long interaction for the laying Merm Throne, or the thinking anim used at the Wardrobe or so for "offers" type of sites would look so much better.


1.png.22d7048ea3ff5a817853dc9bca814121.png Harvesting mud ? > > > 2.thumb.png.64c178ae7b1ba90695de97a0c445f739.png

A classic: pickable things does not play animations fitting heights, that just makes no sense visually with vines :-?, but this would look also better for less suspected plants like Banana Trees, Lureplants, and who knows what future content and mod would benefit from customisable picking animations ?


equip_dst.gif.fd1877c3f16ac2f72fee21ae41335945.gif Cheap > > > equip_ds.gif.4d7c0df70e2cd7e437b221583e7d7c3a.gif

One last that we all miss terribly, the facing equip animations, this has been removed since DS for some reason... not much to say here aside of plz bring them back but since there's that bug I tend to see where the animation anyway doesn't play, then improvements could go along fixes.

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We're still in need of more qol updates to go over the leftover oversights. I really liked the old plan of every other update being a qol one, sad they're not really gonna keep that going this year 

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3 minutes ago, nimzowitsch10 said:

@lenship2some forum ppl fix code for klei, fix animations, have alot of knowledge about the game code, why not?

Because just hiring more people doesn't necessarily make these problems easier to solve? More people can make things more difficult to manage and somebody being on the forum or experienced with mods and DS doesn't necessarily mean that they're a good fit for the workplace enviornment.

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Also as much as the rotated equips anims would look great I think providing a special one for the hat wouldn't be a bad idea since it's the same as the body one, just for the fancies~

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