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We still need a moon glass transformation for chester

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I made a post a while back to add a new moon transformation for chester using moon glass for the 5th(?) Anniversary, so I'm asking once more.

Shadow chester transforms in a full moon but uses shadow fuel so I'm guessing it's just based on the old single player lore before the creation of alter. 

Maybe he could be made out of glass and placing the enlightenment crown/other light sources inside him could create a radius of light similar to hutch.

Or hitting him/getting hit creates a sonic frequency (a ping noise) that has an effect. Like hitting a glass cup with a spoon.

Or whatever you come up with, I just think since we're choosing "sides" now, an appropriately aligned chester would make a great addition. And there's no perfect time than now.

Edit: Probably not in the 5th anniversary but I just know I suggested it a long time ago 

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7 minutes ago, GenomeSquirrel said:

I’d be more amused if it went to Hutch, Chester is already nightmare fuel enhanced while Music Box Hutch raises sanity, let them join this war too.

I don't see why hutch can't get his own shadow/moon transformations. Unless hutches genes don't allow it. 

Speaking of... What about a cyborg thulucite hutch :eek-new:

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