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Addressing klei about rework Wilson

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I ask you not to leave Wilson as the character he is now most of the community judging by my observations on the forum consider a redo with a good idea but a bad implementation

i propose that there should be more wilson's upgrades so they are not limited to torch beard and alchemy because torch is not useful at all and beard never needed to be upgraded and alchemy looks like a mediocre mod from a workshop but the idea is good but needs more work what about the shadow transmutation it is not worth going and killing Ancient Fuelweaver because the armor is not better than shadow one

-add more perks to make each wilson unique as you intend it to be.

-make the character useful the fact that he has an alchemy tab where he can transmute gems makes him just a swap character

-Let the process of pumping will be interesting and unusual, so that each pumping changed the game for Wilson, not just give him an improved torch or accelerated growth beard what is the point of the beard will grow at the speed of light if it only serves as a warming in winter

i just want wilson to be an interesting and useful character so we can choose the pros and cons for ourselves and it will be to the benefit of newcomers and pro players

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My opinions are that of a veteran player, I understand these are to differ from many people especially that of new players:

What I like about the Wilson Refresh:
- The concept of a skill tree gained by surviving in the harsh world of the Constant
- The concept of Alchemy being Wilson's Power

What I dislike about Wilson Refresh:
- The current method of gathering Inspiration
- Inspiration is a global effect and not on a per-world basis
- All the traits on the skill tree
          - The Alchemy recipes in terms of balance and ratios
          - The values of the passives from the Torch Tree and the Beard Tree
          - The Torch tree only affecting the Torch, also Torch Throwing
- No downside to compensate for the power of Alchemy
- Alchemy being tied to a skill tree rather than a crafting station

- Completely remove the skill tree in favor of a Station where Wilson can experiment with Alchemy. Have the transmutations unknown but require specific resources, they could be fixed or completely random every time. Example: 5 Log > 3 Organic material (Twig, Grass, Morsel, etc) If it is random then this would be the effective downside of his alchemy since it would also fit in his nature of the "Enthusiastic but Failed Scientist".

- Keep the Skill tree but have Alchemy a final perk gained which allows Wilson to Craft a station to do his experiments. Have the Torch tree affect Lanterns (and maybe Miner's Hats too), increase bonus from the duration buffs to 50% at max. Keep radius but have it affect any held light source (this is most important for the Enlightened Crown as to not have the tree become useless in the late late stages of the game). Replace Torch Throw with something else. Potential Idea: can refuel torches with twigs, or grass, can refuel lanterns and mining hats with nitre. Beard Tree: Increase beard growth bonus from current values. Replace food storage final perk (it feels like a weird joke and I personally am not a fan) with new craftables focused around Beard Hair. This can include: Craftable Beardlings, Beard Clothes, Beard Armour, Beard Turf (Which we have, ty Klei), etc. Alchemy can be unlocked once both (or 2/3) trees have their final perk taken. The Shadow transumation is unlocked automatically once AFW is defeated. Potential to add a third separate skill tree away from Alchemy that can be focused on something else.

- Change the way Inspiration is gained from every 10 in game days to Prototyping. It could be random with luck protection system (say 10 prototypes max before Inspiration is gained) Or have it gained after a fixed value. There could be a cap on the amount of Inspiration as there is current if you want to reward players for prototyping all crafts in the game. (Not including those found via blueprints). This feeds more into his Science fixation and has the player act in the game rather than have it be passive for just maintaining hunger for a set number of days. With this change, have Inspiration change from per account to per world.

- Just for me personally, I really dislike the Alchemy affecting gems. I understand the point but something about it feels very wrong to me personally. I like the other ones a lot more but would like more criss cross like you have with Logs > Twigs and Twigs > Logs. It would make the crafting tab kind of ugly but it seems more fitting to swap between resources at a net loss.

Those are my opinions and really should have just made my own thread. I know not everyone will agree, but that is how I feel from my testing. The Key points are the positives and negatives, less so the suggestions, since the likes and dislikes are focused on player emotion which is an important metric in gauging what the end goal is of the developers.

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If I were to make a suggestion, I'd say remove the leveled perks, just make them worth 1 skill point each. add something similiar to the shadow affinity for each major boss, or milestone a new player would eventually take on. Like for example something, adding old willow 50% fire resistance for killing dragonfly. Or surviving you're first winter, now you can select a point for increased insulation, or decreased hunger drain. making him a jack of all trades character tied to player progression. inspiration points can remain earned through surviving x days, imo that's a great callback to the original don't starve character unlocks. speaking of inspiration, I'd rename them just to avoid overlap with wigfrid's inspiration, in terms of names. instead of blue to purple, you could add a reversable blue back to red, since their is already a crafting recipe for purple gems. At minimum if the skills are set in stone, up the numbers so that the torch durability feels like it actually does something.


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I just had a realization...

these perks and transmutations are designed to help people that join a world late...

better torches, making logs into sticks or sticks into logs, rocks into flint.

I can't believe I had not considered this until now, this whole rework is some how based off of starting with few resources and building yourself up when one resource is scarce.

that said, I think im kind of sad, it seems like the gem conversion is meant to help with... well honestly you got me there, I have no clue why the gem thing is there other than some sort of desperation to get a blue gem or what ever else.

and instead of allowing the player to use objects with a torch in hand, we can just throw them, I think this was meant to be considered cool or useful but its mostly weird. 

I feel I have lost some hope for fun or meaningful changes for any one who has played the game for this long, seeing as how the design philosophy is directly geared towards the specific issues that tend to cause struggle for new players. 

this is great don't get me wrong, but I can't help but feel like Wilson is now just a living tutorial/simple mode in a sense, especially since the night mare fuel conversions are so lack luster and counter productive/wasteful.   

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